Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kids always have answers!!

My Niece is giving one of her 1st interview to get ahead in this race of life (school admission). We kept repeating ABCD… 1234… Jonny Jonny, Bits of paper etc… and along with it we all had promised her chocolates if she gave the answers!!!

Here’s a small part of her interviews with teacher in school!!!

Teacher Pointing at the drawing of Sun she asked) what is this Unnati?


This is Sun!! Ok, what color is the sun?


(Now Smiling) have you seen Pink color Sun? The Sun is Yellow in color!! Color this…. And the interview continued

@ Home we all were discussing the interview when my hubby asked her

What color is the Sun @ night?

“Black!!!” (We all were LOL!!!) No wonder she got the admission!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

12 Minutes or Free!!!

I would jump and say Free… I love everything that comes for free!!! Now before you raise your eyebrows, let me clarify “everything = Materialistic everything’s”…

Of late our group (V Rock) has lost the meaning of celebrations. I am sure you guys wont agree to this until you hear the reasons we celebrate for: loosing wallet, one of us coming back from vacation, one month birthday of bike, Bakra party, children day party, Innovative quiz party (This I invented to keep myself awake in a training session), just a party, fruits party … errs ….. Do we need a reason to celebrate??

Few in our group have got their yearly Increments letters (yeah!! Miracles happens in these recession times too – more on that in the next blog) ... that was bingo, just another reason to celebrate…. Ok so as usual we all started walking towards Cunningham road to find out a place to party (with so many good times we find it difficult to decide about the venue before leaving for the party). One of us just then read this advertisement outside the pizza hut outlet, “12 minutes or free Pizza!!” We all jumped FREE :o)

So here we all enter Pizza hut with all jing bangs and the hope (or was it our mission) of getting pizzas free – that will be another no reason to celebrate ;o)… Five of us took around 10 minutes to explain the waiter what we want and as soon as the waiter was gone our eyes popped to the digital clock at one corner to note the time. By the time 5 minutes were over, we were betting on how much time it would take for our pizza to reach us. Every time a waiter comes near us with a platter of pizzas the party givers heart would race and we all would stare at the waiter, but the waiters there were in no hurry to come to us. We all cheered loud and even whistled when the 12 minutes were up. Eating with the thought of another big party gives an awesome feeling and increased our appetite.

Finally the damages were paid off and we pepped up once again considering we saved around 800 Rs on the bill. This saving has taken Value for money to all new heights!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Joke - There are some things money can't buy!

Yeah I get mood swings and today was bad mood mornings…

This was the innovation dear hubby came up with…

Bhavanazz Anger – 100 Rs
Bhavanazz Cleanliness – 200 Rs
Bhavanazz food – 1 Rs
Bhavanazz smile – Priceless!!!

While my mind was reading “There are some things money can't buy. For everything else there's MasterCard”

(He took a brief pause)

Nothing like that ok!! If I tell you I found a 100 Rs note you will smile right now….

I was like – Lolzz… and banging him...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Joke - A Big Fat Wedding!!!

Just like any other weekend we went for an evening walk yesterday. On the way we saw this “Big fat wedding” taking place… and this is how our conversation went…

Me – hey dear, looks like Kissi bade aadmi ki shaadi ho rahi hai, Hai na?

He – Obviously, Shaadi bade aadmi ki he ho sakti hai, child marriage is a crime!!!

Me (Cursing myself) why the hell I opened my mouth.

He - Lolz!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To buy or not to buy???

It’s a catch22 situation so far…

October 4th 2008 – we go and see the house – location, plan, construction everything suits to our demand. With only 2 houses left in those apartments, we want to take it before someone else put his/her hands on it…

The offered price was 2750 / sq ft. We keep discussing the price for bargaining….

October 7th 2008 – my hubby quotes 2400 / sq ft.

Days just drag by and we keep wondering if we still have chances to get that house… we are tempted to call them and increase our quote a little.

October 14th 2008 – They call and quote 2600 / sq ft…. we stick to our price of 2400 / sq ft.

Each day further was forcing us into some kind of action to be taken further to get the house… days drag further…..we thought we have lost it….

October 27th 2008 – They call and quote 2450 / sq ft….

Our happiness knew no bonds… we were thrilled… now sure they will come down to our quoted price, we stick to our price…

November 5th 2008 (today) – they have called twice to know our final decision…

We are holding our nerve and sticking to our price of 2400 / sq ft.

House is always the sweetest place to be in especially when it becomes Home!! That’s the biggest investment any middleclass family makes!! We are about to do this investment. We have seen one such house which gives us the feeling of our future home. But everything/everybody seems to be stopping/confusing us from buying it….. Everywhere we read, everybody I talk to says Wait-and-watch the prices are about to fall…. This house is too good to let go from our hands….

What say? To buy or not to buy??? Every 50 Rs / sq ft less mean around 68K less for us…….

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Navaratri Nights – Only Gujarati istyle!!!

Ask any non gujju Mumbaite and they all will give the same response when asked how much they like gujjus??…”I hate gujjus” – I just want to shout “ME TOO” … but none(including me) of these “I hate gujju” types will deny the fact that they love gujju food and want to enjoy the 9 days Navaratri festival in gujju istyle ONLY. So let me put it this way - “We dont love them, but it does not imply we hate them.“

Now that I have shifted to Bangalore (from Mumbai) I really really miss these gujjus errrrr… the Navaratri dandiya nights… So when one of my Gujarati friends invited us to play dandiya @ one of their community programs… I was skeptical and kept asking myself “Are you really missing dandiya so much?” and to my surprise, my soul shouted ‘NO!! Don’t miss it for anything!!’

OK so 4 of us decided to go and we all met at a friends home… cooked and relished the dinner. After which I wanted to wait no longer but to reach this dandiya place… hmm the 150 Rs entry fees did make us feel the pinch, but that was before we entered the place and saw so many guys and gals dancing away to glory. We were in the middle for almost 2 hours enjoying, dancing and having fun – not aware of the outside world.

P.S: Wondering what took this blog to come after 3 weeks of Navaratri festival? The Photos!!! Hey NO – we used digital camera but ((Yeah we can afford that ;))- you see - I was too busy to download the same ;o)

......... Thats we all after enjoying for 2 hours ........

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lesson learned a beautiful way…..

Just like any other day – I shrugged off the voice in my skull and slowly (but steadily) departed the pleasure of home sweet home to go and spend 8 boring hours in office writing blogs, checking emails, forwarding jokes, chatting, meeting friends and making plans for weekends and get-togethers… and sometime (this happens once in a blue moon Literally – touch wood) work – Yaaawn!!!

Walking (read sleeping) in my own thoughts - I woke up just for a moment to find an empty auto - err an auto with a driver (Yeah! I don’t drive an auto) to drop me till office. The vehicle just started to take my sleepy body from one place to another when just out of no-where an shabby old lady came and enquired in eloquent English “I heard you are going to this place can I please join you?”. Well!! Giving a 2nd thought (just because she spoke such a good engrezi - broken slippers, worn out sari, torn handbag – hope this defines shabby and I am not exaggerating) - “Sure mam please hop in.”

OK! so now we are 3 of us in the auto and one of them doing the talking - no gifts for guessing who – Yaaaawn!!! She started with her kids - who are not studying well and the cost of their studies. The bike which her daughter has demanded a few days back. The computer course which will cost a bomb but she is allowing her son to go ahead with. The cost of living and Bangalore in general. I was half sleeping (Yaaaawn!!) half listening (Nodding!!). All the above conversation was in English – I believe she was trying to give me complex – but Nope I am the best... you wont succeed in your tricks.

Soon or not so soon (Yaaawn!!)– we reached my office and she took out 3 crisp 10 Rupee notes and told “This is my share” of course I work in IT and I earn a peanuts – I denied – her last prompt English words were “Please keep it beta – I work as accounts assistant in the GPO and earn 40 thousand a month!!” all of the sudden I completely got up from my sleep (as if someone just poured a bucket of water on my head) my entire attitude towards her changed and I felt quite ashamed of myself. I gave her a second look and before I could say anything she disappeared in the crowd.

Looking back I feel that pang of guilt and see a wrinkled smiley face.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sharing my first (Actual) experience……. biking ;)

Until yesterday I could drive for about 10 meters – “only on empty roads”… and listening to all the incidents which happened in those various 10 meter rides, my friends (huh!! should I say enemies) set an unsaid rule – do NOT ever give your bike keys to her….

Everything changed yesterday when I actually got hands on one of my friend's bike (I had to bribe her with her favorite chocolate :D for this golden opportunity) - And belime, I was on the main road with the moving traffic on both sides of my bike … Hey hey before you conclude, my bike too was moving, ok!!

So before we started I had to wear this big gadget on my head – the helmet. Damn it!! I have never worn this thing in my earlier 10 meter rides. But after wearing it my head became heavier by half a kg which gave me a feeling “I have more data inside my head” - which also made me believe "I am smarter now and gave me confidence."

Ok – what next??? How do I unlock this bike handle??? Finally after playing Twist and turn with the keys for a while, I could get the handle unlocked. Next I galloped and pushed the start button and Lo!! The bike actually started. I was so much excited and exhilarated at the moment...

I was dying to just roar away with the bike… But this friend of mine won’t sit behind until she sees the demo!! I felt like shouting at her SIT DOWN – but I curbed my feelings and gave her a small 10 meter demo (which I have always been expert in :D).

Finally the excursion started, I could feel my heart pulsating. I accelerated a little and in no time the bike touched the main road and before I could race it further, I had to apply the breaks to avoid it touching the Honda city :o( but its ok!! That didn’t make me give up. I accelerated once again and “yeah hey” I was moving with the traffic. The remaining journey of about 5 km was almost as smooth as butter, only with one or two close shaves with the other vehicles who were not giving me enough space to move ;-)…

At the end of it all - when I had parked the bike carefully from where we started. My friend said it was good ride you can learn it quickly. And I jumped “Hooray!!” It seemed like someone has actually awarded me with a bravery medal!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Look who's Watching Me!!!

Today Hubby is Watching me all the time by peeping out of my computer monitor!!!

Well begun is half job done - BullShit!!

Yeah!! We went bowling @ Amoeba last Saturday!!! And since then I have stopped believing in above saying….

With 36 points in the first 7 shots – I ended up making 87 by the end of 20 strikes and stood last but one in the game :o(

Even the opposite doesn’t stand true….

My hubby began with 4 gutter shots but ended up winning the game by 123 points :o)

I wonder those who make these sayings do they ever face such correcting ;o)

P.S: Begin well but don’t stop to check where your friends have reached!! Author – Happyz

You can come to me for more great teachings, but until then - bubbye!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Romantic or unromantic?

I always want to know how much my hubby misses me when we are not together. (I hope this is normal – and every wife wants to know this!!)

So here’s one of our morning conversations:

Me - Hey by any chance you talk about me in office?

He Hmm, yes for sure dear – just yesterday when I distributed the sweet (I gave him to be disposed in the stomach of his team mates ;o)) everyone was asking the reason. Of course there were no reasons so I didn’t give any.
Hmmm - So one of them just concluded “Oh you got married hence distributing the sweets” – I replied “If I get married MY WIFE will be distributing the sweets

(I always wonder why do I ask him such things)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Work from home is a miracle – Utilize it to the fullest ;-)

Work from Home a new funda in IT – now that my hubby has this work from home thingy for 2 days in a week. I want to utilize this to full extent ;) ….. (Wait a minute before you pervert minded people jump to some conclusions….) to help me in with house work.

Mind you – My hubby is too good - otherwise also he helps me by :
- eating what I cook
- listening to what I talk and
- letting me win every (almost every) argument –
As the saying goes “I don’t like to win every argument – I let other loose some ;)”

Before these work from home days, as soon as he used to offer me help in cooking - I used to tell him “NO – Please be out of kitchen…. (I have my own reasons for the same – will write another blog for that) “. But now looking at him sitting and watching TV/Movies I got bugged the other day and gathered courage to invite him to kitchen….

Me – Hey enough of the movies, do you by any chance know how to cut vegetables.

He – Oh ya I used to cut in “Hungary” (yeah he has traveled places) – but I need that cutting board and all that... …….blah blah

Me – (throwing the knife) Here’s the knife - start cutting... I don’t want any reasons...

Why should I suffer being in the kitchen (I hate cooking and being in the kitchen) – while he enjoys the movie/games!!! Seeing my mood he also started doing something with the knife and vegetables…

Half bending over the kitchen platform he was trying to do what was told…. After about half an hour …


Throwing the knife the way I had thrown sometime back - He started to move out of the kitchen!! I had seen the neat work he has done with vegetables and was motivated to give him some more things to try…

Me – Hey wait a min – where are you off too… banayega kaun??

He was fully charged to help me today… or to show off that he too can cook. He took out the biggest vessel to cook the veg (for two people)…

Ok fine I can guide him little… guided him to size of kadai required to cook for 2 people..

He knew the 1st thing to be put in the kadai was “oil” -- This motivated me further… Great!!

The next thing he did was – licked his index finger and smashed the saliva into the oil.

Me - YUCK- what’s this.

He – How else will you check the oil is heated?

Genuine question by the 1st timer in the kitchen

I wanted to kick him out of the kitchen – but no, he won’t buzz… so I guided him further to put things one by one for preparing the veg.

As if I know what’s to be put next … he he… I have a simple funda of cooking

My funda of cooking “Cooking - huh - it’s easy - just open the masala dabba and put what all u feel like -- on that day.”

So finally we were done with cooking and finally it was time to eat the cooked stuff… of course it was my turn to eat what he has cooked…

But you know what – I gave him 3 out of 10 for the dinner - Which is far better than what my in-laws gave me for the chapattis I had prepared 1st time in Sasural… HAHAHa – but isn’t that a old story???????

Point noted: If given further training I can get rid of this cooking business.

Conclusion - Work from home is a miracle – Utilize it to the fullest ;-)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Modelling by my Neice!!

Here are a few videos shot of my neice, Modeling - dancing and having fun @ home.

Am I wrong in saying "A Model in Making"?

Please let know....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Romantic or unromantic - II?

Finally after been fighting for the last few days (you know – those normal husband wife getting on each other nerves and need a break types) we have patched up yesterday… this was one of the first conversations after our patch up…

Me – hey dear, we have fought enough and given lot of galis to each other….. Now tell some 5 things you like about me.

He – (acting as if thinking) hmm, 5 things I like about you… leme see leme see… (Took a brief pause) Well, someone told me it’s not good for my health to tell lies after sunset.

(I was deciding whether to be angry once again or not)

He was Lolz!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The (Non April Fool) Bakra!!

The stage was set and the actors were ready…. heres the script…

One of our group mate is going on maternity leave and there was this new (hi-fi) girl joining in her position … so to welcome her to our group we thought of this small prank…

We told her our company is representing World ‘Outsourcing Summit’ to be held on this Saturday in USA. I and other guy represented senior officers from our US offices who are flying back tonight to attend the summit. Showing up a presentation (which we developed for this bakra occasion) we asked her to give us some 5-6 quick thoughts for better presentation and attracting more client base at the summit.

Even while typing I remember how she seriously explained fumbling whatever 1st came to her mind about that subject. And how we went on listening - keeping our face straight (as if she is talking some junk). When she stopped blabbering after a minute or so (giving just dejected looks) we moved on to the next slide where we had her pictures with the bakra cap and a message “welcome to the vRock group”!!.
She was so angry that we all ran for safety… here’s the photo of the entire group.

P.S: Next day we even cut the bakra (bakre Ko hallal Kara)!! Forced her to take us out for lunch at our favorite restaurant!!

In my April blog I bragged about how I was crowned bakra of the day on fool’s day… yeah!! I too had the great opportunity of becoming the bakra … read here… becoming a bakra is as much fun as making is bakra …

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Mumbai Trip!!!

Yeah I am back from my Mumbai trip!!! When people are asking what I brought from Mumbai? My prompt reply is “Cold and cough”

Can you believe?
Not met friends
Not gone for a drink
No night out
No parties
No dance

But still by far the best Mumbai trip…

This trip went as planned... with lot of surprises (I didn’t inform anyone about my bombay visit – and every time I rang the door bell for the 1st time – it was surprise – either for me or them). I talked (gossip), Ate (all of my favorite dishes made by mom, sis and MIL), and drank (water/juices – nothing else - yeah I am serious), played (board games) and when I got tired of all of the above took out some time to sleep…

Conclusion – One can enjoy without
Meeting friends
Having a drink
Night out
And dancing…..

What’s your thought?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Joke - u drink?

I went to a pub for the 1st time in Bangalore … (Feels pathetic to think I have become so homely for past two years, since I shifted from Mumbai)!! I Wanted to tell this to my friends in Mumbai, was very excited our conversation started..

Heres a piece of one of the conversations....

Me: hey I went to 'Hint' pub yesterday evening it was fun.

She: U drink?

Me: yeah …occasionally... y?

She: arrey how should I know why U drink?

Both of us were Lolzz.... Hope the readers got the joke ;)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Gateway to Movies, Music and software!!!

I am enjoying those lucky days when I get my hands on every movie in original DVD format within 3-4 days of its release … Yesss!! You can presume I have filmy contacts ;o) (crazy filmy friends who breadth and eat films … he he)…

I wanted to know HOW on this earth can they get the movies and I can’t…. I know I was being greedy and my heart even told me “Tu aam kha -- gutali mat geen” … But then, I just couldn’t stop myself from googling …

Ah!! My search ended today (after 2 days) - Finally I achieved nirvana!!! I just downloaded a complete Movie :D. I can now download latest movies, games, songs, software, videos and many more interesting things!!

Conclusion - It isn’t a bad thing to be desirous for more and more. You learn a lot with excessive desire to acquire or possess more!! Some call it greed… but who cares

O god there’s so much to learn – I hope I have many more years until my brain says – No more space!!!

Hmmm… I also believe in sharing knowledge… but as I know (it’s a normal tendency) -- if you will get all information easily you will not appreciate the way you will, when you work hard to achieve it…. So below are three clues to reach "A Gateway to Movies, Music and software!!!faster…"

Clue 1 – Torrents
Clue 2 – Seeds
Clue 3 – Peers

I know all the three clues makes you blank… but once you find the meaning you will realize “How close to truth I left you all” :)

P.S: for all those who already know the secret, request you all to keep your MouthShut :P

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Funny one-Liners on vehicles

  • Thinking is Solution, but over thinking is Pollution.
  • Insured by Mafia – U hit me -- I hit you harder.
  • Yes this is my Papas road (he is a regular tax payer)
  • Born with a GIFT of death.
  • If you don’t like my driving – Take a left and go to hell.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Art of Living!!!

I was born free of thoughts.

Was happy living like everyone else… no one taught me how to live and I never gave a thought to living. I assumed the art of living was that I was living…

My life like anyone else’s life was filled with ups and downs – tensions and no tension times – good times and bad times. I used to be bored easily with nothing to do. Did not know how to spend time with myself. Not sure if I knew how to be happy with whatever I have, had no opinion on anything which would affect my life (or anyone’s life)? Infect I was scared to give any opinion. Hardly knew what I want from life and what my purpose of living is.

And all of the sudden I was made to realize I have grown up. I was responsible for what I say. I was expected to give opinion on things and expected to say right thing at the right time. I was still the same and was living.

Finally I thought of taking control of my life and decided to join the ‘Art of Living - foundation course’ (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s) between 17June2008 to 22June2008. The course spread over the course of 2 hours each for 6 days gives you nothing (according to me) but how to relax your body after making it soo tired that for sure you will need nothing but a few minutes of rest. Getting up early morning at 5am was enough reason to not go to the class, but still I pushed my limits to open my eyes and reach the class. Definitely after the class I used to feel more relaxed for a few hours, but I don’t know if the class really helped me with anything – due to lack of sleep I was always in the zombie state, annoyed at the slightest buzz and would loose my patience at anyone near me. Finally the class was over and I was relived that I could sleep.

For four days after my course was over my alarm buzzed every day at 6am and highly motivated (to learn the art of living) I used to get up and perform the ‘Art of Living’ courses gyan (Asana and exercises). On the fifth day the bug of laziness bit me again – I switched off the alarm and went back to my pleasurable sleep. Since then daily I am marking the recurring alarm not to ring the next day ;) – I guess by now the entire week is marked without alarm.

Don’t know if I learned anything different from the gyan which my parents, teachers, elders and everyone around used to teach me when I was young. Nor do I have answers to any of my queries with which my brains were disturbed from its lazy state before joining the course, but definitely I learned - 'Once we are lazy – we are always lazy. ' Not that I am planning to change this opinion!!

Anyways life goes on and I am still living … so I guess thats what is Art of Living.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Didis Bangalore Trip- Innovative film city-Bandipur-Wonder la-Lumbini Gardens

A week with my sister and kids
(Desperate to meet them) Sunday 18th May 2008 – they were supposed to reach by 9am… so by the time it was 8.55, I was running to the window and checking at every sound of vehicle.

Finally they reached at around 10.30, was so glad to see them…

The Itennary for their visit was ready and well planned by me. He he…. Yes I do have work @ office but still you always get some time out….

Everything in Bold-italics is what was on the Itennary and everything below it was what we actually did…

Sunday 18th may 2008 – Lumbini Gardens - Near Hebbal Flyover - Nagwara Lake Ring Road , Hebbal Kempapura , Bangalore- 560045 - 080 65679037 , 080 32997009 9343444646
Didn’t know what to expect out of this… it’s a place to spend an evening with your loved ones…. You can go for boating or you can let the children enter the play area and enjoy your time out. The main attraction out here is the water park… so get ready with your swim suit. We didn’t know about this and did not carry our swim costumes. I and sister pledged that for the entire remaining site seeing tour we are going to carry it along.

Monday 19th May 2008 – Innovative Film city (Bidadi)
www.innovativefilmcity.in - info@innovativefilmcity.in - Bidadi This is a new place… opened on 15th April 2008. Few km ahead of Wonder La!! When going from Bangalore
Yeah I took an off for this one… reached there by cab (don’t know any other way to reach this place). We were amazed just to see the huge beautifully designed entrance. The 50Rs ticket did not hurt much to visit this place with marvelous looks. We were really excited to enter such a clean and beautifully architectures, it seemed like a foreign tourist place. We checked the mirror maze, Dino world, Cartoon city, golf course, Ripley’s, believe it or not!! And the 4D movie. All of which was amazing in its own way… The kids surely got scared in Dino world and 4D movie show. There was more to visit like – go karting, madam Tsussads, fossil museum, but we decided not to check them… for kids were all excited to go to Aqua world…. This is like a private Goa beach resort… amazingly designed… A very stirring and worthwhile break from office, to be with the kids and family.

Tuesday 20th may 2008 – Rest
Well!! That was the plan so that Didi and kids can relax… but my Didi and rest… that too on a vacation? That too in a new city??? No Ways!! She went to meet a friend and went shopping… huff … I never understand the fun in spending…. And that too with kids on a bright sunny day…. Noah... That’s not my types

Wednesday 21st may 2008 – Wonder la!!!
No, before you jump… I still have my job and I did not take leave for this one…. Didi went with kids, her friend and friends kids. Worst thing was, on a mid week day it was fully crowded so much so even after reaching there @ 10.50 am (it opens at 11am) they got the entry only @ noon. But the reliever was they had discount card for 20% ;) now that’s a secret how I got… but I can use it for every visit :D … here the camera didn’t work and so no pictures… but am sure they took lot of memories along.

Thursday 22nd may 2008 – Rest
Strictly asked them to take rest and don’t step out of house… but still didi will be didi, she prepared desi ghee Ladoos and it was awesome (and I am not cribbing :)) ….

Friday 23rd may 2008 – 5am Bandipur – Tusker Trail (We can take any ooty bus from Bangalore and get off Bandipur police check post gate. There’s pickup and drop. – ooty busses are available every 45 mins)
Yes... I had planned a bus journey to save some money ;) … already spent 7k in booking Tusker trails wanted to save some money…. But ultimately ended up booking a cab for 2 days :D. With kids and all it isn’t possible to go by bus on a 7 hours journey… that too you are not sure about the busses. So we took the safe bet… Started around 6.30am from Bangalore… with just one half an hour break for Breakfast we reached the resort by 11.30am.

The place was just awesome… in a jungle like environment in midst of some tribal village… the silence there was ear piercing. We jumped in the pool as soon as we dumped our baggages in the rooms (named Godavari), after about 1-1.30 hours in the pool we were hungry… just took showers and hogged on the food... which was delicious. Relaxed for half an hour and our 1st safari ride started @ 4pm. Met Elephants, Peacock, deer’s and a leopard. Back by 6.30pm we were served by Tea and biscuits which was followed by recreation time… caroms, TT and a small wildlife movie.

It was already 10pm and we were off to bed so that we can enjoy the morning safari.

Saturday 24May 2008 - 1pm onwards Bandipur return (to reach home before 7pm)
Morning 5.30 we got a wake up call and were all geared up by 6am for the Gipsy safari. I believe luck was with us, we got 2 wildlife photographers in our Gipsy who helped us note a few rare birds too (else we were just excited to see animals and birds that can walk on ground). Saw Cheetal, Deer, Elephants (with kid elephants), Eagle, Blue Jay, Drongo, peacock (dancing with its wing open), Langoor, Indian Roller, Mongoose and Tigers paw marks :D…. I was awestruck to see these beauties in their environment.

Not to mention the two photographers took several pictures of my niece and it was amazing to see her giving poses for the pictures… she is just 3 years old.

We left the kids in the resort and went for trekking which was amazing too… on the way saw wild buffaloes, peaHen and a dead skelleton of a cow. I also collected Eagle and Blue Jay bird’s wings…

Yeah!! It was time to pack up and leave…

Great environment, great food, 2 good safaris, a small trek near dam and tribal village, a swimming pool and a relaxing time in midst of nature… what else can you ask for… ? Time just flew past by… Down the road I definitely look forward to visit more forests and jungles
Sunday 25th may 2008 – Rest (8.10pm was her return train to Mumbai)
Just grabbed a few things on my sisters list to take back to Mumbai from local market… rest of the day were at home enjoying time with my nieces…

The best time with family I had had in long time. And the icing over the cake was that I and my sis did not fight on a singe thing this time… I almost cried seeing the train chugging away with the kids and didi.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I was crowned Bakra on April 1st, Fools day.

This was the most happening fools day for me. :) Sent the below email to 5 of my friends using a Java Email program.

From: Termination
To: Somebody

Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2008 3:05 PM

Subject: Termination
Dear Somebody, This is to inform you about the termination of your employment with ACB for the reasons set forth based on performance.

We have scheduled a conference with you today at 5pm in Aryabhatta conference room. At that time we will review the reasons for the possible termination of your employment.

Please consider this as a formal letter of your one month service notice period at ACB. Your services will be considered terminated from 30th April 2008 EOD.

Thanks & Regards


P.S: We advice you do not discuss this with anyone.

After realizing they were fooled, the reply these 5 sent me, made me the real bakra of the day.

From: HR Manager

Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2008 6:00 PM

To: Bhavana Rao

Subject: Re: Termination

Importance: High

Dear Bhavana,
It has been bought to our notice that you have misused the facility given to you by ABC.
We have received complaints that you are involved in IT Security Breach. Hence the Management has decided to take immediate & stern action on your misconduct.
Please meet me at my office immediately.
Thanks & Regards,
Manager - HR

After realizing (which took about 5 seconds) that its a reply to my prank, I was crowned bakra of the day.
But this was the best April 1st so far for me.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Proud to be an Indian!!!

Hmm let me see, why am I proud to be an Indian?
Every email I received today for Independence Day, every article which I read about Indians
achievements, discoveries and whatever they have given to the world, every patriotic movies
which I see and of course every year on 15th august and 26th January, I feel proud to be an
Indian. But these I guess are the things which make any individual proud of his/her country.
So what can I say!!!
I remember these incidents when I was in USA which made me really proud to be an Indian.
Most of the IT companies there have almost 40 to 50% Indians working. The weekly
market out there has foreigners speaking Hindi to attract the Indians consumers. Every few miles there was an Indian Restaurant.
Yes and the best one is when an American friend commented
'I heard India is very populated, Here you must be feeling good since the street are clean and not
very crowded' and my another Indian colleague replied impromptu 'Infact I am missing home and
I feel very lonely here' Which was a fact and made me feel really proud to be an Indian.

Romantic or unromantic?

Today morning, hubby as usual was awaking me..... I take almost 5-10 mins to open my eyes....
I heard him saying...
"I love you.... (There was a brief pause)... I just love telling such jokes early in the morning..."
now is this romantic or unromantic?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hubbies food habits!!!

My dear Hubby is very fussy about food.

I decided to give cornflakes to him for breakfast (hope you guys noted ‘I Decided’ ;o)).

I enquired if he will like to dry fruits added to it. He agreed on a term that raisin will not be added.

So that was it…

He started his breakfast adding Cornflakes and dry fruits to milk. As soon as he took first bite of cashew he said, “Shee…. This has taste / smell of raisins”. Now obviously I had kept everything together, but that does not mean one dry fruit will taste like another.

So, he kept eating his breakfast and in the end I saw all the cashew and almonds left in the bowl. He said “Where do I throw these” and Spat came my reply “In Your Mouth”.

P.S: food that i prepare is rated based on 3 points
How it looks?
How does it smell?
how does it tastes....

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Incident / Joke @ home

Here’s one more incident/joke which happen at my home…. Now this is a little imaginative… you need to really think how the reaction would have been…. Else will be a serious joke which will make u serious ;o)

Ok so it goes this way….

My sisters (staying in Delhi and Mumbai) are planning a vacation to my place (Bangalore) this spring along with their families…. Now obviously I will have to do a little preparation for the same…. So I told my hubby

Me - Dear we need to make arrangements for some extra beds before didis are coming

Hubby – we will ask them only to get their beds while coming (I know this is my hubbies usual style… anything related to my family he cant give straight ans)

Me – (promptly came my reply) sure dear we will ask them only to get their beds along…

Hubby –
Shocked/Surprised immediately looked at me to check if I am serious ….

Me – And I kept my face as straight as possible…. For about 2 – 3 seconds…. Couldn’t control my laughter seeing the looks on his face … ha-ha

I know it’s difficult to imagine for you guys reading this… but I am still laughing thinking about it…

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sports on Republic day - I

Yesss I did play the much awaited sports on the Republic day (26th January 2008) and it was immense entertaining and thrilling. The sweet pain and muscle twitching with every movement of my body reminds me of all the excitement and fun filled sports day I enjoyed on Saturday.

Of course the day started with saluting our Flag followed by singing the national anthem. Following which were the scheduled sports athletics 200 Mts, Shot put, Volley ball and cricket.

It all began with Shot put –If I remember correctly last I tried shot put was around 5 years back on the same day. Of course the ball seems soo much heavier now, still I could manage to throw an 8 Pounds heavy stuff to about 6 meters (Not bad huh).

Next was Athletics 200 Mts – Don’t even remember when I last ran so much distance… I started the fastest and the pain began just with 30 Mts completed. Still I could manage to complete 100 Mts of the allotted 200 (Good stuff huh) :-D

Already enough tired (Guess I am growing old….. But not wanting to accept it) had glucose and some energy drinks for trying out the next activity cricket.

Cricket I remember I played just a few days back with kids in the neighboring houses with a plastic ball in the evening after office. But never tried playing this in the hot sunny day and Mr. Sun in the full intensity. Racked in the field for 12 over’s, whistling and excited with every fall of wicket. With the target set to 98 to win by the opponent it wasn’t easy but we Won :o) and that’s what count.

Too tired with the excitement and anxiety to win this match took some team snaps and enjoyed the lunch in the relaxed and happy frame of mind.

Last but not the least, played volley ball game, now lemee see when did I play this game??…. All I can remember is playing volley ball (or something like volley ball) in our housing society during my college times. We used to be 15-20 people in each team and used to play volley ball in badminton court… haha..

Although we lost…. 21/25 …. This match was thrilling too….

Finally my body was almost trembling and too tired to even think about another sporting event. And I decided to wind up for the day J after a long time I enjoyed such an entertaining day with something I love to do the most.

So I am not complaining about the pains and muscle pulls and on Sunday went for shopping with my hubby which was another pain in the ……. ;o)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Most Embarrassing Moment…

Everyone faces some or the other uncomfortable moment in our lives, which we don’t want to remember but we do commit to memory. Yesterday I had the privilege to face my MOST embarrassing moment. Let me record down here how I branded this it to be the MOST Embarrassing Moment.

Yesterday while playing caroms doubles (in office) we got bored since for both parties it was just queen cover on the board and none of us could take it after about more than 100 try each… (You can understand how great players we 4 were ;o) he he… I finally got pissed off and spoiled the game by disturbing the coins. Next we all started playing popper (refreshing our childhood memories :-) ) every coin pocketed build up excitement and all 4 of us were truly excited and cheering. We were banging table, shouting, clapping. Infect the only noise I remember in the cafeteria was our. Out of excitement I pushed my chair back and clapped and the next moment I found myself down, there was pin drop silence for about 2 seconds and then all were laughing except me.

Do I need to say more????????

Sports on Republic day

I am really excited about our offices sports schedule for this weekend. It makes me nostalgic to even think of playing some outdoor sports on 26th January (Republic day)

Every year in our housing society we used to have several sports events for everyone from kids to aunties to daddies to mommies to enjoy the republic day. It used to start at 8am by hoisting our national flag, singing the national anthem and getting the sweets packet (which we used to fight and get at least 2) ha-ha... The entire day would be filled with fun and sports (something which I enjoy doing the most). I believe I have always been a sports person, if only my health would have supported I would have definitely made it till state or national level ;o). I think it was in my genes after all my dad was state level athlete.

I remember fighting with my sisters and friends over some sports just to win a prize. I remember playing and winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize in every sport which we used to play, be it running race, three legged race, langadi, throw ball, badminton, breaking the balloon, skipping, sack race. I was the so called champion in our colony.

It used to be fun.

Now it will be almost after 5 years that I will be playing some outdoor sport. Even the thought of it makes me feel excited.

Will keep you posted about all the excitement.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bangalore Auto Meters/Drivers Autopsy

After staying in Mumbai all my life, it’s been 2 years since i came to Bangalore, I found traveling using public transport a problem in Bangalore.

Initially tried to travel by bus, Uff but the main problem was that all bus numbers and destinations are written in Kannada and the only words I learned about this language is 'Kannada barilla sir/madam' :).

Then I thought when I am earning so much, why not spend a little more and travel in a relaxed way. So I started going by Auto.

Just in a few days of traveling by Auto, I almost heard the auto drivers telling me, 'Madam when you are earning so much, why don’t spend a LITTLE MORE and travel in a relaxed way (by just paying whatever the meter shows without arguing)'

Well, so here I am citing a few Incidents I faced with Auto drivers. Of course all the incidents have few things in common
1. Improper Meter
2. Drivers ready with replies.
3. Will either make you scream in anger or make you smile? But leaves you frustrating.

Listing few of the many incidents I faced.....
1: Win - Win situation :o) (Very very rare case)
Me: Sir your Meter is fast....
Driver: (stops the auto) Oh is it... How fast madam? .... Hits the meter 3 times... Resets the meter and starts again...

And LO!! At the end of the journey actually the meter is fine.... (It’s like the saying goes, "Laton ke Bhoot, Batoon se nahi mante")

2: Happy Situation: o) (Very rare case)
Me: Sir your Meter is fast...
Driver: Do you come through this route daily?
Me: Yes...
Driver: OK, then pay whatever it comes to daily :)

3: frustrating situation :o) (Most generic situation)
Me: Sir your Meter is fast....
Driver: No reaction
Me: Excuse me Sir your Meter is not fine
Driver: (looks at the meter) Oh is it, Ok.
Still takes the hiked fare what shows in the meter...
Me: Sir your Meter is fast
Driver: O is it... ok... you are the 1st one to tell me this... I will get it checked...
And drives away :) (Infect sometimes takes 1-2 Rs extra stating they don’t have the exact change)

4: Helpless Situation :o) (not so general)
Me: Sir your Meter is fast....
Driver: (Stops the Auto) get out, Pay the bill and take some other auto. (Starts shouting)

5: Angry Situation: o) (happens once in a week)
Me: Sir your Meter is fast....
.... And a BIG Argument starts....

This happens so frequently that you really takes a day off from all this (Just Like what i did today)... ignore the Meter and Just pay the bill :o)

Either ways... you can hate them, you can love them but you can’t live without them.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Perfect Bday.

At 00.01am on 2nd January I heard the music going “Happy Birthday to you ……….” (I don’t like being disturbed in my sleep) With great difficulty I tried to open my eyes to see what’s happening, and I see my dear hubby singing the song for me. :o) That really made my day…. Ok, that was it I thought, couldn’t expect too much from my unromantic (that’s what I call him) hubby.

When we got up it was just the normal routine working day and nothing more… since he leaves office before me, he was a little upset and told “O dear I wont be able to see you wearing that necklace and earrings I bought for you”, I just replied you can check it in the evening when we go out for dinner :o).

We (I and hubby) left for our respective offices as usual. Of course what followed during the day was a lot of bday wishes from office colleagues and calls from family and friends; it usually gives me a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness when I receive bday wishes. But today it was fine I was actually enjoying each and every call from everyone close to me. Guess it was effect of what happened at midnight ;o)

Like I usually do I called up hubby to check if he has had his lunch and instead of ‘hello’ from him, I heard him singing “hey bday girl, happy bday to you …. “ J I was really happy about it.

Ok, so finally it was time to leave office and go home. I knew we would go out for dinner (like we usually do on our bday) to one of the routine restaurants. Since I was talking to my sister (on phone) while leaving home, I was least bothered to check which direction we are going in. when finally the call was over and we reached I was surprised to check we are outside some hi-fi restaurant and then I shouted “Gold Finch” (heard a lots about this place from my dear hubby)

It was a roof top restaurant with lovely and cozy ambience, surrounded by glass walls so that we could admire the city from top. I liked the place as soon as we walked in. Hubby was in high spirits to see me so pleased that he started with his Fosters :o) followed by a pack of cigarette, Full in style he would light up one cigarette, take two puffs and put the rest of it to just burn to ashes in the ashtray. I was too busy enjoying my Iced Tea along with Chicken and prawn kebabs, Dahi papdi chat, batata puri, fruit chaat, roasted papad etc…

What followed was an appetizing dinner with tomato soup, dal makhani, rice, various kinds of rotis, sweet dishes of gulab jamun, ice cream, cake and last but not the least Kala khatta gola (which tasted like some sweet syrup – the only thing I didn’t like that much).

We both were enjoying the foodstuff along with the chit chat after such a long time and I couldn’t believe it was time to pay for the damages and leave. Nevertheless the evening was still young (hehehe). And I just said jokingly “we are the only people coming out of such a restaurant and not having a hi-fi car.” Prompt came a reply “We have a Shaffer driven three wheeler auto”. We got down at the corner of our house and walked down for about 10 mins just to digest what we just stuffed in. J

Finally we reached home and it was 00.01am. So that’s what I call a perfect bday.
Dearest hubby love you always, thanks for the making my day so wonderful.