Friday, February 15, 2008

Proud to be an Indian!!!

Hmm let me see, why am I proud to be an Indian?
Every email I received today for Independence Day, every article which I read about Indians
achievements, discoveries and whatever they have given to the world, every patriotic movies
which I see and of course every year on 15th august and 26th January, I feel proud to be an
Indian. But these I guess are the things which make any individual proud of his/her country.
So what can I say!!!
I remember these incidents when I was in USA which made me really proud to be an Indian.
Most of the IT companies there have almost 40 to 50% Indians working. The weekly
market out there has foreigners speaking Hindi to attract the Indians consumers. Every few miles there was an Indian Restaurant.
Yes and the best one is when an American friend commented
'I heard India is very populated, Here you must be feeling good since the street are clean and not
very crowded' and my another Indian colleague replied impromptu 'Infact I am missing home and
I feel very lonely here' Which was a fact and made me feel really proud to be an Indian.

Romantic or unromantic?

Today morning, hubby as usual was awaking me..... I take almost 5-10 mins to open my eyes....
I heard him saying...
"I love you.... (There was a brief pause)... I just love telling such jokes early in the morning..."
now is this romantic or unromantic?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hubbies food habits!!!

My dear Hubby is very fussy about food.

I decided to give cornflakes to him for breakfast (hope you guys noted ‘I Decided’ ;o)).

I enquired if he will like to dry fruits added to it. He agreed on a term that raisin will not be added.

So that was it…

He started his breakfast adding Cornflakes and dry fruits to milk. As soon as he took first bite of cashew he said, “Shee…. This has taste / smell of raisins”. Now obviously I had kept everything together, but that does not mean one dry fruit will taste like another.

So, he kept eating his breakfast and in the end I saw all the cashew and almonds left in the bowl. He said “Where do I throw these” and Spat came my reply “In Your Mouth”.

P.S: food that i prepare is rated based on 3 points
How it looks?
How does it smell?
how does it tastes....

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Incident / Joke @ home

Here’s one more incident/joke which happen at my home…. Now this is a little imaginative… you need to really think how the reaction would have been…. Else will be a serious joke which will make u serious ;o)

Ok so it goes this way….

My sisters (staying in Delhi and Mumbai) are planning a vacation to my place (Bangalore) this spring along with their families…. Now obviously I will have to do a little preparation for the same…. So I told my hubby

Me - Dear we need to make arrangements for some extra beds before didis are coming

Hubby – we will ask them only to get their beds while coming (I know this is my hubbies usual style… anything related to my family he cant give straight ans)

Me – (promptly came my reply) sure dear we will ask them only to get their beds along…

Hubby –
Shocked/Surprised immediately looked at me to check if I am serious ….

Me – And I kept my face as straight as possible…. For about 2 – 3 seconds…. Couldn’t control my laughter seeing the looks on his face … ha-ha

I know it’s difficult to imagine for you guys reading this… but I am still laughing thinking about it…