Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Most Embarrassing Moment…

Everyone faces some or the other uncomfortable moment in our lives, which we don’t want to remember but we do commit to memory. Yesterday I had the privilege to face my MOST embarrassing moment. Let me record down here how I branded this it to be the MOST Embarrassing Moment.

Yesterday while playing caroms doubles (in office) we got bored since for both parties it was just queen cover on the board and none of us could take it after about more than 100 try each… (You can understand how great players we 4 were ;o) he he… I finally got pissed off and spoiled the game by disturbing the coins. Next we all started playing popper (refreshing our childhood memories :-) ) every coin pocketed build up excitement and all 4 of us were truly excited and cheering. We were banging table, shouting, clapping. Infect the only noise I remember in the cafeteria was our. Out of excitement I pushed my chair back and clapped and the next moment I found myself down, there was pin drop silence for about 2 seconds and then all were laughing except me.

Do I need to say more????????

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