Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sports on Republic day

I am really excited about our offices sports schedule for this weekend. It makes me nostalgic to even think of playing some outdoor sports on 26th January (Republic day)

Every year in our housing society we used to have several sports events for everyone from kids to aunties to daddies to mommies to enjoy the republic day. It used to start at 8am by hoisting our national flag, singing the national anthem and getting the sweets packet (which we used to fight and get at least 2) ha-ha... The entire day would be filled with fun and sports (something which I enjoy doing the most). I believe I have always been a sports person, if only my health would have supported I would have definitely made it till state or national level ;o). I think it was in my genes after all my dad was state level athlete.

I remember fighting with my sisters and friends over some sports just to win a prize. I remember playing and winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize in every sport which we used to play, be it running race, three legged race, langadi, throw ball, badminton, breaking the balloon, skipping, sack race. I was the so called champion in our colony.

It used to be fun.

Now it will be almost after 5 years that I will be playing some outdoor sport. Even the thought of it makes me feel excited.

Will keep you posted about all the excitement.

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