Friday, February 15, 2008

Proud to be an Indian!!!

Hmm let me see, why am I proud to be an Indian?
Every email I received today for Independence Day, every article which I read about Indians
achievements, discoveries and whatever they have given to the world, every patriotic movies
which I see and of course every year on 15th august and 26th January, I feel proud to be an
Indian. But these I guess are the things which make any individual proud of his/her country.
So what can I say!!!
I remember these incidents when I was in USA which made me really proud to be an Indian.
Most of the IT companies there have almost 40 to 50% Indians working. The weekly
market out there has foreigners speaking Hindi to attract the Indians consumers. Every few miles there was an Indian Restaurant.
Yes and the best one is when an American friend commented
'I heard India is very populated, Here you must be feeling good since the street are clean and not
very crowded' and my another Indian colleague replied impromptu 'Infact I am missing home and
I feel very lonely here' Which was a fact and made me feel really proud to be an Indian.