Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Mumbai Trip!!!

Yeah I am back from my Mumbai trip!!! When people are asking what I brought from Mumbai? My prompt reply is “Cold and cough”

Can you believe?
Not met friends
Not gone for a drink
No night out
No parties
No dance

But still by far the best Mumbai trip…

This trip went as planned... with lot of surprises (I didn’t inform anyone about my bombay visit – and every time I rang the door bell for the 1st time – it was surprise – either for me or them). I talked (gossip), Ate (all of my favorite dishes made by mom, sis and MIL), and drank (water/juices – nothing else - yeah I am serious), played (board games) and when I got tired of all of the above took out some time to sleep…

Conclusion – One can enjoy without
Meeting friends
Having a drink
Night out
And dancing…..

What’s your thought?


Tiger said...

Oh! i miss my home//

arshat.chaudhary said...

I agree.. completely! loved this post..