Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bangalore Auto Meters/Drivers Autopsy

After staying in Mumbai all my life, it’s been 2 years since i came to Bangalore, I found traveling using public transport a problem in Bangalore.

Initially tried to travel by bus, Uff but the main problem was that all bus numbers and destinations are written in Kannada and the only words I learned about this language is 'Kannada barilla sir/madam' :).

Then I thought when I am earning so much, why not spend a little more and travel in a relaxed way. So I started going by Auto.

Just in a few days of traveling by Auto, I almost heard the auto drivers telling me, 'Madam when you are earning so much, why don’t spend a LITTLE MORE and travel in a relaxed way (by just paying whatever the meter shows without arguing)'

Well, so here I am citing a few Incidents I faced with Auto drivers. Of course all the incidents have few things in common
1. Improper Meter
2. Drivers ready with replies.
3. Will either make you scream in anger or make you smile? But leaves you frustrating.

Listing few of the many incidents I faced.....
1: Win - Win situation :o) (Very very rare case)
Me: Sir your Meter is fast....
Driver: (stops the auto) Oh is it... How fast madam? .... Hits the meter 3 times... Resets the meter and starts again...

And LO!! At the end of the journey actually the meter is fine.... (It’s like the saying goes, "Laton ke Bhoot, Batoon se nahi mante")

2: Happy Situation: o) (Very rare case)
Me: Sir your Meter is fast...
Driver: Do you come through this route daily?
Me: Yes...
Driver: OK, then pay whatever it comes to daily :)

3: frustrating situation :o) (Most generic situation)
Me: Sir your Meter is fast....
Driver: No reaction
Me: Excuse me Sir your Meter is not fine
Driver: (looks at the meter) Oh is it, Ok.
Still takes the hiked fare what shows in the meter...
Me: Sir your Meter is fast
Driver: O is it... ok... you are the 1st one to tell me this... I will get it checked...
And drives away :) (Infect sometimes takes 1-2 Rs extra stating they don’t have the exact change)

4: Helpless Situation :o) (not so general)
Me: Sir your Meter is fast....
Driver: (Stops the Auto) get out, Pay the bill and take some other auto. (Starts shouting)

5: Angry Situation: o) (happens once in a week)
Me: Sir your Meter is fast....
.... And a BIG Argument starts....

This happens so frequently that you really takes a day off from all this (Just Like what i did today)... ignore the Meter and Just pay the bill :o)

Either ways... you can hate them, you can love them but you can’t live without them.

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