Friday, November 21, 2008

Joke - There are some things money can't buy!

Yeah I get mood swings and today was bad mood mornings…

This was the innovation dear hubby came up with…

Bhavanazz Anger – 100 Rs
Bhavanazz Cleanliness – 200 Rs
Bhavanazz food – 1 Rs
Bhavanazz smile – Priceless!!!

While my mind was reading “There are some things money can't buy. For everything else there's MasterCard”

(He took a brief pause)

Nothing like that ok!! If I tell you I found a 100 Rs note you will smile right now….

I was like – Lolzz… and banging him...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Joke - A Big Fat Wedding!!!

Just like any other weekend we went for an evening walk yesterday. On the way we saw this “Big fat wedding” taking place… and this is how our conversation went…

Me – hey dear, looks like Kissi bade aadmi ki shaadi ho rahi hai, Hai na?

He – Obviously, Shaadi bade aadmi ki he ho sakti hai, child marriage is a crime!!!

Me (Cursing myself) why the hell I opened my mouth.

He - Lolz!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To buy or not to buy???

It’s a catch22 situation so far…

October 4th 2008 – we go and see the house – location, plan, construction everything suits to our demand. With only 2 houses left in those apartments, we want to take it before someone else put his/her hands on it…

The offered price was 2750 / sq ft. We keep discussing the price for bargaining….

October 7th 2008 – my hubby quotes 2400 / sq ft.

Days just drag by and we keep wondering if we still have chances to get that house… we are tempted to call them and increase our quote a little.

October 14th 2008 – They call and quote 2600 / sq ft…. we stick to our price of 2400 / sq ft.

Each day further was forcing us into some kind of action to be taken further to get the house… days drag further…..we thought we have lost it….

October 27th 2008 – They call and quote 2450 / sq ft….

Our happiness knew no bonds… we were thrilled… now sure they will come down to our quoted price, we stick to our price…

November 5th 2008 (today) – they have called twice to know our final decision…

We are holding our nerve and sticking to our price of 2400 / sq ft.

House is always the sweetest place to be in especially when it becomes Home!! That’s the biggest investment any middleclass family makes!! We are about to do this investment. We have seen one such house which gives us the feeling of our future home. But everything/everybody seems to be stopping/confusing us from buying it….. Everywhere we read, everybody I talk to says Wait-and-watch the prices are about to fall…. This house is too good to let go from our hands….

What say? To buy or not to buy??? Every 50 Rs / sq ft less mean around 68K less for us…….