Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Perfect Bday.

At 00.01am on 2nd January I heard the music going “Happy Birthday to you ……….” (I don’t like being disturbed in my sleep) With great difficulty I tried to open my eyes to see what’s happening, and I see my dear hubby singing the song for me. :o) That really made my day…. Ok, that was it I thought, couldn’t expect too much from my unromantic (that’s what I call him) hubby.

When we got up it was just the normal routine working day and nothing more… since he leaves office before me, he was a little upset and told “O dear I wont be able to see you wearing that necklace and earrings I bought for you”, I just replied you can check it in the evening when we go out for dinner :o).

We (I and hubby) left for our respective offices as usual. Of course what followed during the day was a lot of bday wishes from office colleagues and calls from family and friends; it usually gives me a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness when I receive bday wishes. But today it was fine I was actually enjoying each and every call from everyone close to me. Guess it was effect of what happened at midnight ;o)

Like I usually do I called up hubby to check if he has had his lunch and instead of ‘hello’ from him, I heard him singing “hey bday girl, happy bday to you …. “ J I was really happy about it.

Ok, so finally it was time to leave office and go home. I knew we would go out for dinner (like we usually do on our bday) to one of the routine restaurants. Since I was talking to my sister (on phone) while leaving home, I was least bothered to check which direction we are going in. when finally the call was over and we reached I was surprised to check we are outside some hi-fi restaurant and then I shouted “Gold Finch” (heard a lots about this place from my dear hubby)

It was a roof top restaurant with lovely and cozy ambience, surrounded by glass walls so that we could admire the city from top. I liked the place as soon as we walked in. Hubby was in high spirits to see me so pleased that he started with his Fosters :o) followed by a pack of cigarette, Full in style he would light up one cigarette, take two puffs and put the rest of it to just burn to ashes in the ashtray. I was too busy enjoying my Iced Tea along with Chicken and prawn kebabs, Dahi papdi chat, batata puri, fruit chaat, roasted papad etc…

What followed was an appetizing dinner with tomato soup, dal makhani, rice, various kinds of rotis, sweet dishes of gulab jamun, ice cream, cake and last but not the least Kala khatta gola (which tasted like some sweet syrup – the only thing I didn’t like that much).

We both were enjoying the foodstuff along with the chit chat after such a long time and I couldn’t believe it was time to pay for the damages and leave. Nevertheless the evening was still young (hehehe). And I just said jokingly “we are the only people coming out of such a restaurant and not having a hi-fi car.” Prompt came a reply “We have a Shaffer driven three wheeler auto”. We got down at the corner of our house and walked down for about 10 mins just to digest what we just stuffed in. J

Finally we reached home and it was 00.01am. So that’s what I call a perfect bday.
Dearest hubby love you always, thanks for the making my day so wonderful.

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