Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Secret Admirer!!! ;o)

Yeah I just celebrated my birthday in a never to forget way…. Though a little belated types, but I wouldn’t mind many many such birthdays.

What else will you ask for, if you keep getting flowers (Red roses) and are showered with gifts for 2 days consecutive days by your secret admirer?

My birthday landed in one of those Christmas vacation, which we got for the 1st time in my professional life… yeah no one in our office could believe that we have got a Christmas vacation (but details on that in some other blog) … coming back to my bday.

So it happened that exactly one week after my birthday when I entered office there was a bouquet of red roses waiting for me at the reception. Not wanting to make any scene at the office reception, I just took the bouquet and the card with it to my desk. Once at my desk, opened the card in great anticipation, and read through a very romantic poem with my name on top…. The sender (not mentioning his name) referring me Umraojaan and himself Shahjaan. I was completely amazed and happy and surprised and angry at the same time. Well yes angry because of two reasons one - I am happily married to the person I love and two - I wish I had received this a few years back to have some choices in love ;-). So I buzzed my friends and told them such n such thing has happened… within a minute all 4 of my friends were buzzing near me teasing and guiding me to take things cool and just enjoy the moment. Not convinced by my friends advice I called my dear hubby – he too told me just enjoy don’t be tensed. Now that I got permission from my hubby I started enjoying the moment, neatly kept the flowers @ my desk and kept answering all the queries from inquisitive people in office.

The lunch was full of discussion about this secret admirer (Mr Shahjahan) who could this guy be? I felt like every pair of eyes in office was following me and are either jealous or admiring my beauty (well, after getting red roses from secret admirer you start feeling you are more beautiful) , ok so after about 1 hour of discussion lunch was over and we moved back to our cubicles, and LO!!! There are other two gifts waiting for me at the reception, now this time I was a little worried and enquired who gave these; some guy named sanjay has left that for ME. Not knowing what to do – I took it to my desk (this time the whole gang of friends were buzzing around me and bugging me to open the gift boxes). Now that I was enjoying the moments, I was very happy and with my heart pounding (I was expecting the name of the admirer inside the gifts) I opened the two gifts to find a cute showpiece and a box of sweets…. I was tooo happy to see what was there and even felt completely flattered by this secret admirer. Now thinking too hard who could be this secret admirer…

Thats ME :) with my gifts !!!!

Although I kept waiting for another gift/ hint to find who this Shahajahan could be, no more gifts came and I decided to take everything home to show my hubby that he has a big competitor now :o) But its really really tough to see him getting jealous, there was hardly any reaction, just after the love poem there was a brief smile with a “huh”. I was verrry disappointed and really wished my secret admirer should be a very handsome guy ;-D

Being a Friday the next two days I had to just wait and keep guessing who is this secret admirer. Well yes I tried to keep the roses alive (sadiyal roses diye thay yaar) and kept the gift right in front of table for everyone (specially hubby) to see it and be jealous. The weekend just passed by, since there was no worried/jealous reactions from hubby I would have forgotten about my secret admirer unless my friends kept enquiring about the secret admirer by sms. Nope there was no news of who my secret admirer was.

Then came Monday and I announced (while getting ready for office) “Now that I have a secret admirer in my office I better dress up well and go ;o)” but still no reaction from dear hubby… I believe he has taken me for granted :o( I really really wished this secret admirer of my should atleast have killing looks ;o)

On reaching office it was just another Monday day, until just after lunch I got another gift parcel. I just couldn’t believe. There was this love note attached to it, reading which I got damn angry, worried and somewhere deep in my heart I was happy ;o). the whole gang of friend was with me and guiding me to complain to the HR after office hours and speaking to the office boy and security etc etc. My hubby too advised me to speak to the HR. so most of the day then passed by chatting (with the group) discussing what should be done, and as we all decided that we will go to the parking lot and open the gift there @ 5pm (as if we were on a big mission), we were in the parking area trying to open the gift (it was very nicely packed this time with lots of silo tape) finally on opening what I found was there was a small computer keyboard, I was completely disappointed (I had expected another cute gift ;o) ) anyways not revealing my disappointment I was looking for some code to decipher (love messages ;o) ) from this secret admirer (Yeah I should stop reading detective novels) but I just couldn’t understand why my friends were so excited and just snatched the keyboard from my hands.

They said now that we are here lets take a walk (as if we were in a museum or garden huh) anyways I was too worried to think and just followed the gang. Just then I saw a chocolate cake a BIG gift and a card kept on one of my friend’s bike…. NOOOOO ways….. Now I knew who this secret admirer(s) are… I was completely disappointed but soooooo happy and relieved that I have such wonderful friends. I shouted loudly out of relief and just couldn’t control my happiness.

I took my sweet time to cut the cake and there was pin drop silence for the next 10 minutes and the cake to dissapear (accept the little which was smeared on my face) :o). I was the proud bakra of the day(s) and crowned Bakra No.1. The card read “It’s your Bday…. We understand your pain” :o) sucha sweet pain… the only pain was my hopes of finding a smart secret admirer being shattered in front of my eyes and I had no options but to ENJOY……

Thats us having a party after all this fun!!! CHEERS!!!

Keep smiling – you never know who is falling in love with you ;o)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kids always have answers!!

My Niece is giving one of her 1st interview to get ahead in this race of life (school admission). We kept repeating ABCD… 1234… Jonny Jonny, Bits of paper etc… and along with it we all had promised her chocolates if she gave the answers!!!

Here’s a small part of her interviews with teacher in school!!!

Teacher Pointing at the drawing of Sun she asked) what is this Unnati?


This is Sun!! Ok, what color is the sun?


(Now Smiling) have you seen Pink color Sun? The Sun is Yellow in color!! Color this…. And the interview continued

@ Home we all were discussing the interview when my hubby asked her

What color is the Sun @ night?

“Black!!!” (We all were LOL!!!) No wonder she got the admission!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

12 Minutes or Free!!!

I would jump and say Free… I love everything that comes for free!!! Now before you raise your eyebrows, let me clarify “everything = Materialistic everything’s”…

Of late our group (V Rock) has lost the meaning of celebrations. I am sure you guys wont agree to this until you hear the reasons we celebrate for: loosing wallet, one of us coming back from vacation, one month birthday of bike, Bakra party, children day party, Innovative quiz party (This I invented to keep myself awake in a training session), just a party, fruits party … errs ….. Do we need a reason to celebrate??

Few in our group have got their yearly Increments letters (yeah!! Miracles happens in these recession times too – more on that in the next blog) ... that was bingo, just another reason to celebrate…. Ok so as usual we all started walking towards Cunningham road to find out a place to party (with so many good times we find it difficult to decide about the venue before leaving for the party). One of us just then read this advertisement outside the pizza hut outlet, “12 minutes or free Pizza!!” We all jumped FREE :o)

So here we all enter Pizza hut with all jing bangs and the hope (or was it our mission) of getting pizzas free – that will be another no reason to celebrate ;o)… Five of us took around 10 minutes to explain the waiter what we want and as soon as the waiter was gone our eyes popped to the digital clock at one corner to note the time. By the time 5 minutes were over, we were betting on how much time it would take for our pizza to reach us. Every time a waiter comes near us with a platter of pizzas the party givers heart would race and we all would stare at the waiter, but the waiters there were in no hurry to come to us. We all cheered loud and even whistled when the 12 minutes were up. Eating with the thought of another big party gives an awesome feeling and increased our appetite.

Finally the damages were paid off and we pepped up once again considering we saved around 800 Rs on the bill. This saving has taken Value for money to all new heights!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Joke - There are some things money can't buy!

Yeah I get mood swings and today was bad mood mornings…

This was the innovation dear hubby came up with…

Bhavanazz Anger – 100 Rs
Bhavanazz Cleanliness – 200 Rs
Bhavanazz food – 1 Rs
Bhavanazz smile – Priceless!!!

While my mind was reading “There are some things money can't buy. For everything else there's MasterCard”

(He took a brief pause)

Nothing like that ok!! If I tell you I found a 100 Rs note you will smile right now….

I was like – Lolzz… and banging him...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Joke - A Big Fat Wedding!!!

Just like any other weekend we went for an evening walk yesterday. On the way we saw this “Big fat wedding” taking place… and this is how our conversation went…

Me – hey dear, looks like Kissi bade aadmi ki shaadi ho rahi hai, Hai na?

He – Obviously, Shaadi bade aadmi ki he ho sakti hai, child marriage is a crime!!!

Me (Cursing myself) why the hell I opened my mouth.

He - Lolz!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To buy or not to buy???

It’s a catch22 situation so far…

October 4th 2008 – we go and see the house – location, plan, construction everything suits to our demand. With only 2 houses left in those apartments, we want to take it before someone else put his/her hands on it…

The offered price was 2750 / sq ft. We keep discussing the price for bargaining….

October 7th 2008 – my hubby quotes 2400 / sq ft.

Days just drag by and we keep wondering if we still have chances to get that house… we are tempted to call them and increase our quote a little.

October 14th 2008 – They call and quote 2600 / sq ft…. we stick to our price of 2400 / sq ft.

Each day further was forcing us into some kind of action to be taken further to get the house… days drag further…..we thought we have lost it….

October 27th 2008 – They call and quote 2450 / sq ft….

Our happiness knew no bonds… we were thrilled… now sure they will come down to our quoted price, we stick to our price…

November 5th 2008 (today) – they have called twice to know our final decision…

We are holding our nerve and sticking to our price of 2400 / sq ft.

House is always the sweetest place to be in especially when it becomes Home!! That’s the biggest investment any middleclass family makes!! We are about to do this investment. We have seen one such house which gives us the feeling of our future home. But everything/everybody seems to be stopping/confusing us from buying it….. Everywhere we read, everybody I talk to says Wait-and-watch the prices are about to fall…. This house is too good to let go from our hands….

What say? To buy or not to buy??? Every 50 Rs / sq ft less mean around 68K less for us…….

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Navaratri Nights – Only Gujarati istyle!!!

Ask any non gujju Mumbaite and they all will give the same response when asked how much they like gujjus??…”I hate gujjus” – I just want to shout “ME TOO” … but none(including me) of these “I hate gujju” types will deny the fact that they love gujju food and want to enjoy the 9 days Navaratri festival in gujju istyle ONLY. So let me put it this way - “We dont love them, but it does not imply we hate them.“

Now that I have shifted to Bangalore (from Mumbai) I really really miss these gujjus errrrr… the Navaratri dandiya nights… So when one of my Gujarati friends invited us to play dandiya @ one of their community programs… I was skeptical and kept asking myself “Are you really missing dandiya so much?” and to my surprise, my soul shouted ‘NO!! Don’t miss it for anything!!’

OK so 4 of us decided to go and we all met at a friends home… cooked and relished the dinner. After which I wanted to wait no longer but to reach this dandiya place… hmm the 150 Rs entry fees did make us feel the pinch, but that was before we entered the place and saw so many guys and gals dancing away to glory. We were in the middle for almost 2 hours enjoying, dancing and having fun – not aware of the outside world.

P.S: Wondering what took this blog to come after 3 weeks of Navaratri festival? The Photos!!! Hey NO – we used digital camera but ((Yeah we can afford that ;))- you see - I was too busy to download the same ;o)

......... Thats we all after enjoying for 2 hours ........

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lesson learned a beautiful way…..

Just like any other day – I shrugged off the voice in my skull and slowly (but steadily) departed the pleasure of home sweet home to go and spend 8 boring hours in office writing blogs, checking emails, forwarding jokes, chatting, meeting friends and making plans for weekends and get-togethers… and sometime (this happens once in a blue moon Literally – touch wood) work – Yaaawn!!!

Walking (read sleeping) in my own thoughts - I woke up just for a moment to find an empty auto - err an auto with a driver (Yeah! I don’t drive an auto) to drop me till office. The vehicle just started to take my sleepy body from one place to another when just out of no-where an shabby old lady came and enquired in eloquent English “I heard you are going to this place can I please join you?”. Well!! Giving a 2nd thought (just because she spoke such a good engrezi - broken slippers, worn out sari, torn handbag – hope this defines shabby and I am not exaggerating) - “Sure mam please hop in.”

OK! so now we are 3 of us in the auto and one of them doing the talking - no gifts for guessing who – Yaaaawn!!! She started with her kids - who are not studying well and the cost of their studies. The bike which her daughter has demanded a few days back. The computer course which will cost a bomb but she is allowing her son to go ahead with. The cost of living and Bangalore in general. I was half sleeping (Yaaaawn!!) half listening (Nodding!!). All the above conversation was in English – I believe she was trying to give me complex – but Nope I am the best... you wont succeed in your tricks.

Soon or not so soon (Yaaawn!!)– we reached my office and she took out 3 crisp 10 Rupee notes and told “This is my share” of course I work in IT and I earn a peanuts – I denied – her last prompt English words were “Please keep it beta – I work as accounts assistant in the GPO and earn 40 thousand a month!!” all of the sudden I completely got up from my sleep (as if someone just poured a bucket of water on my head) my entire attitude towards her changed and I felt quite ashamed of myself. I gave her a second look and before I could say anything she disappeared in the crowd.

Looking back I feel that pang of guilt and see a wrinkled smiley face.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sharing my first (Actual) experience……. biking ;)

Until yesterday I could drive for about 10 meters – “only on empty roads”… and listening to all the incidents which happened in those various 10 meter rides, my friends (huh!! should I say enemies) set an unsaid rule – do NOT ever give your bike keys to her….

Everything changed yesterday when I actually got hands on one of my friend's bike (I had to bribe her with her favorite chocolate :D for this golden opportunity) - And belime, I was on the main road with the moving traffic on both sides of my bike … Hey hey before you conclude, my bike too was moving, ok!!

So before we started I had to wear this big gadget on my head – the helmet. Damn it!! I have never worn this thing in my earlier 10 meter rides. But after wearing it my head became heavier by half a kg which gave me a feeling “I have more data inside my head” - which also made me believe "I am smarter now and gave me confidence."

Ok – what next??? How do I unlock this bike handle??? Finally after playing Twist and turn with the keys for a while, I could get the handle unlocked. Next I galloped and pushed the start button and Lo!! The bike actually started. I was so much excited and exhilarated at the moment...

I was dying to just roar away with the bike… But this friend of mine won’t sit behind until she sees the demo!! I felt like shouting at her SIT DOWN – but I curbed my feelings and gave her a small 10 meter demo (which I have always been expert in :D).

Finally the excursion started, I could feel my heart pulsating. I accelerated a little and in no time the bike touched the main road and before I could race it further, I had to apply the breaks to avoid it touching the Honda city :o( but its ok!! That didn’t make me give up. I accelerated once again and “yeah hey” I was moving with the traffic. The remaining journey of about 5 km was almost as smooth as butter, only with one or two close shaves with the other vehicles who were not giving me enough space to move ;-)…

At the end of it all - when I had parked the bike carefully from where we started. My friend said it was good ride you can learn it quickly. And I jumped “Hooray!!” It seemed like someone has actually awarded me with a bravery medal!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Look who's Watching Me!!!

Today Hubby is Watching me all the time by peeping out of my computer monitor!!!