Thursday, September 4, 2008

Romantic or unromantic - II?

Finally after been fighting for the last few days (you know – those normal husband wife getting on each other nerves and need a break types) we have patched up yesterday… this was one of the first conversations after our patch up…

Me – hey dear, we have fought enough and given lot of galis to each other….. Now tell some 5 things you like about me.

He – (acting as if thinking) hmm, 5 things I like about you… leme see leme see… (Took a brief pause) Well, someone told me it’s not good for my health to tell lies after sunset.

(I was deciding whether to be angry once again or not)

He was Lolz!!


debasish.. said...

Romantic or not...i dunno,

But the Husband was *Brave* to admit ;)

Scribblers Inc said...

you have a brave husband...

Scribblers Inc.

happyz said...

Well - It can also mean I have a tolerable sense of humour ;)

Thanks for the comments

Cecilia said...

Good sense of humor i must say :)

ray said...

Hi ,

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