Tuesday, December 2, 2008

12 Minutes or Free!!!

I would jump and say Free… I love everything that comes for free!!! Now before you raise your eyebrows, let me clarify “everything = Materialistic everything’s”…

Of late our group (V Rock) has lost the meaning of celebrations. I am sure you guys wont agree to this until you hear the reasons we celebrate for: loosing wallet, one of us coming back from vacation, one month birthday of bike, Bakra party, children day party, Innovative quiz party (This I invented to keep myself awake in a training session), just a party, fruits party … errs ….. Do we need a reason to celebrate??

Few in our group have got their yearly Increments letters (yeah!! Miracles happens in these recession times too – more on that in the next blog) ... that was bingo, just another reason to celebrate…. Ok so as usual we all started walking towards Cunningham road to find out a place to party (with so many good times we find it difficult to decide about the venue before leaving for the party). One of us just then read this advertisement outside the pizza hut outlet, “12 minutes or free Pizza!!” We all jumped FREE :o)

So here we all enter Pizza hut with all jing bangs and the hope (or was it our mission) of getting pizzas free – that will be another no reason to celebrate ;o)… Five of us took around 10 minutes to explain the waiter what we want and as soon as the waiter was gone our eyes popped to the digital clock at one corner to note the time. By the time 5 minutes were over, we were betting on how much time it would take for our pizza to reach us. Every time a waiter comes near us with a platter of pizzas the party givers heart would race and we all would stare at the waiter, but the waiters there were in no hurry to come to us. We all cheered loud and even whistled when the 12 minutes were up. Eating with the thought of another big party gives an awesome feeling and increased our appetite.

Finally the damages were paid off and we pepped up once again considering we saved around 800 Rs on the bill. This saving has taken Value for money to all new heights!!!


arshat.chaudhary said...

okay.. first things first.. where is this pizza place..
second - congratss yaar.. i have always tried for the 30 mins or free wala thingy but my pizza always comes in ard 24 mins.. darn u dominos..

nice post.. :)

workhard said...

12 minutes!!!!!

Sure u ll get ur free share..

They usually take forever..

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