Thursday, September 18, 2008

Romantic or unromantic?

I always want to know how much my hubby misses me when we are not together. (I hope this is normal – and every wife wants to know this!!)

So here’s one of our morning conversations:

Me - Hey by any chance you talk about me in office?

He Hmm, yes for sure dear – just yesterday when I distributed the sweet (I gave him to be disposed in the stomach of his team mates ;o)) everyone was asking the reason. Of course there were no reasons so I didn’t give any.
Hmmm - So one of them just concluded “Oh you got married hence distributing the sweets” – I replied “If I get married MY WIFE will be distributing the sweets

(I always wonder why do I ask him such things)

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debasish.. said...

Um sure, U n ur Hubby must b having a gr8 time reading these posts !