Monday, January 28, 2008

Sports on Republic day - I

Yesss I did play the much awaited sports on the Republic day (26th January 2008) and it was immense entertaining and thrilling. The sweet pain and muscle twitching with every movement of my body reminds me of all the excitement and fun filled sports day I enjoyed on Saturday.

Of course the day started with saluting our Flag followed by singing the national anthem. Following which were the scheduled sports athletics 200 Mts, Shot put, Volley ball and cricket.

It all began with Shot put –If I remember correctly last I tried shot put was around 5 years back on the same day. Of course the ball seems soo much heavier now, still I could manage to throw an 8 Pounds heavy stuff to about 6 meters (Not bad huh).

Next was Athletics 200 Mts – Don’t even remember when I last ran so much distance… I started the fastest and the pain began just with 30 Mts completed. Still I could manage to complete 100 Mts of the allotted 200 (Good stuff huh) :-D

Already enough tired (Guess I am growing old….. But not wanting to accept it) had glucose and some energy drinks for trying out the next activity cricket.

Cricket I remember I played just a few days back with kids in the neighboring houses with a plastic ball in the evening after office. But never tried playing this in the hot sunny day and Mr. Sun in the full intensity. Racked in the field for 12 over’s, whistling and excited with every fall of wicket. With the target set to 98 to win by the opponent it wasn’t easy but we Won :o) and that’s what count.

Too tired with the excitement and anxiety to win this match took some team snaps and enjoyed the lunch in the relaxed and happy frame of mind.

Last but not the least, played volley ball game, now lemee see when did I play this game??…. All I can remember is playing volley ball (or something like volley ball) in our housing society during my college times. We used to be 15-20 people in each team and used to play volley ball in badminton court… haha..

Although we lost…. 21/25 …. This match was thrilling too….

Finally my body was almost trembling and too tired to even think about another sporting event. And I decided to wind up for the day J after a long time I enjoyed such an entertaining day with something I love to do the most.

So I am not complaining about the pains and muscle pulls and on Sunday went for shopping with my hubby which was another pain in the ……. ;o)

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