Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Gateway to Movies, Music and software!!!

I am enjoying those lucky days when I get my hands on every movie in original DVD format within 3-4 days of its release … Yesss!! You can presume I have filmy contacts ;o) (crazy filmy friends who breadth and eat films … he he)…

I wanted to know HOW on this earth can they get the movies and I can’t…. I know I was being greedy and my heart even told me “Tu aam kha -- gutali mat geen” … But then, I just couldn’t stop myself from googling …

Ah!! My search ended today (after 2 days) - Finally I achieved nirvana!!! I just downloaded a complete Movie :D. I can now download latest movies, games, songs, software, videos and many more interesting things!!

Conclusion - It isn’t a bad thing to be desirous for more and more. You learn a lot with excessive desire to acquire or possess more!! Some call it greed… but who cares

O god there’s so much to learn – I hope I have many more years until my brain says – No more space!!!

Hmmm… I also believe in sharing knowledge… but as I know (it’s a normal tendency) -- if you will get all information easily you will not appreciate the way you will, when you work hard to achieve it…. So below are three clues to reach "A Gateway to Movies, Music and software!!!faster…"

Clue 1 – Torrents
Clue 2 – Seeds
Clue 3 – Peers

I know all the three clues makes you blank… but once you find the meaning you will realize “How close to truth I left you all” :)

P.S: for all those who already know the secret, request you all to keep your MouthShut :P

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