Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Incident / Joke @ home

Here’s one more incident/joke which happen at my home…. Now this is a little imaginative… you need to really think how the reaction would have been…. Else will be a serious joke which will make u serious ;o)

Ok so it goes this way….

My sisters (staying in Delhi and Mumbai) are planning a vacation to my place (Bangalore) this spring along with their families…. Now obviously I will have to do a little preparation for the same…. So I told my hubby

Me - Dear we need to make arrangements for some extra beds before didis are coming

Hubby – we will ask them only to get their beds while coming (I know this is my hubbies usual style… anything related to my family he cant give straight ans)

Me – (promptly came my reply) sure dear we will ask them only to get their beds along…

Hubby –
Shocked/Surprised immediately looked at me to check if I am serious ….

Me – And I kept my face as straight as possible…. For about 2 – 3 seconds…. Couldn’t control my laughter seeing the looks on his face … ha-ha

I know it’s difficult to imagine for you guys reading this… but I am still laughing thinking about it…

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