Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Look who's Watching Me!!!

Today Hubby is Watching me all the time by peeping out of my computer monitor!!!

Well begun is half job done - BullShit!!

Yeah!! We went bowling @ Amoeba last Saturday!!! And since then I have stopped believing in above saying….

With 36 points in the first 7 shots – I ended up making 87 by the end of 20 strikes and stood last but one in the game :o(

Even the opposite doesn’t stand true….

My hubby began with 4 gutter shots but ended up winning the game by 123 points :o)

I wonder those who make these sayings do they ever face such correcting ;o)

P.S: Begin well but don’t stop to check where your friends have reached!! Author – Happyz

You can come to me for more great teachings, but until then - bubbye!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Romantic or unromantic?

I always want to know how much my hubby misses me when we are not together. (I hope this is normal – and every wife wants to know this!!)

So here’s one of our morning conversations:

Me - Hey by any chance you talk about me in office?

He Hmm, yes for sure dear – just yesterday when I distributed the sweet (I gave him to be disposed in the stomach of his team mates ;o)) everyone was asking the reason. Of course there were no reasons so I didn’t give any.
Hmmm - So one of them just concluded “Oh you got married hence distributing the sweets” – I replied “If I get married MY WIFE will be distributing the sweets

(I always wonder why do I ask him such things)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Work from home is a miracle – Utilize it to the fullest ;-)

Work from Home a new funda in IT – now that my hubby has this work from home thingy for 2 days in a week. I want to utilize this to full extent ;) ….. (Wait a minute before you pervert minded people jump to some conclusions….) to help me in with house work.

Mind you – My hubby is too good - otherwise also he helps me by :
- eating what I cook
- listening to what I talk and
- letting me win every (almost every) argument –
As the saying goes “I don’t like to win every argument – I let other loose some ;)”

Before these work from home days, as soon as he used to offer me help in cooking - I used to tell him “NO – Please be out of kitchen…. (I have my own reasons for the same – will write another blog for that) “. But now looking at him sitting and watching TV/Movies I got bugged the other day and gathered courage to invite him to kitchen….

Me – Hey enough of the movies, do you by any chance know how to cut vegetables.

He – Oh ya I used to cut in “Hungary” (yeah he has traveled places) – but I need that cutting board and all that... …….blah blah

Me – (throwing the knife) Here’s the knife - start cutting... I don’t want any reasons...

Why should I suffer being in the kitchen (I hate cooking and being in the kitchen) – while he enjoys the movie/games!!! Seeing my mood he also started doing something with the knife and vegetables…

Half bending over the kitchen platform he was trying to do what was told…. After about half an hour …


Throwing the knife the way I had thrown sometime back - He started to move out of the kitchen!! I had seen the neat work he has done with vegetables and was motivated to give him some more things to try…

Me – Hey wait a min – where are you off too… banayega kaun??

He was fully charged to help me today… or to show off that he too can cook. He took out the biggest vessel to cook the veg (for two people)…

Ok fine I can guide him little… guided him to size of kadai required to cook for 2 people..

He knew the 1st thing to be put in the kadai was “oil” -- This motivated me further… Great!!

The next thing he did was – licked his index finger and smashed the saliva into the oil.

Me - YUCK- what’s this.

He – How else will you check the oil is heated?

Genuine question by the 1st timer in the kitchen

I wanted to kick him out of the kitchen – but no, he won’t buzz… so I guided him further to put things one by one for preparing the veg.

As if I know what’s to be put next … he he… I have a simple funda of cooking

My funda of cooking “Cooking - huh - it’s easy - just open the masala dabba and put what all u feel like -- on that day.”

So finally we were done with cooking and finally it was time to eat the cooked stuff… of course it was my turn to eat what he has cooked…

But you know what – I gave him 3 out of 10 for the dinner - Which is far better than what my in-laws gave me for the chapattis I had prepared 1st time in Sasural… HAHAHa – but isn’t that a old story???????

Point noted: If given further training I can get rid of this cooking business.

Conclusion - Work from home is a miracle – Utilize it to the fullest ;-)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Modelling by my Neice!!

Here are a few videos shot of my neice, Modeling - dancing and having fun @ home.

Am I wrong in saying "A Model in Making"?

Please let know....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Romantic or unromantic - II?

Finally after been fighting for the last few days (you know – those normal husband wife getting on each other nerves and need a break types) we have patched up yesterday… this was one of the first conversations after our patch up…

Me – hey dear, we have fought enough and given lot of galis to each other….. Now tell some 5 things you like about me.

He – (acting as if thinking) hmm, 5 things I like about you… leme see leme see… (Took a brief pause) Well, someone told me it’s not good for my health to tell lies after sunset.

(I was deciding whether to be angry once again or not)

He was Lolz!!