Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Navaratri Nights – Only Gujarati istyle!!!

Ask any non gujju Mumbaite and they all will give the same response when asked how much they like gujjus??…”I hate gujjus” – I just want to shout “ME TOO” … but none(including me) of these “I hate gujju” types will deny the fact that they love gujju food and want to enjoy the 9 days Navaratri festival in gujju istyle ONLY. So let me put it this way - “We dont love them, but it does not imply we hate them.“

Now that I have shifted to Bangalore (from Mumbai) I really really miss these gujjus errrrr… the Navaratri dandiya nights… So when one of my Gujarati friends invited us to play dandiya @ one of their community programs… I was skeptical and kept asking myself “Are you really missing dandiya so much?” and to my surprise, my soul shouted ‘NO!! Don’t miss it for anything!!’

OK so 4 of us decided to go and we all met at a friends home… cooked and relished the dinner. After which I wanted to wait no longer but to reach this dandiya place… hmm the 150 Rs entry fees did make us feel the pinch, but that was before we entered the place and saw so many guys and gals dancing away to glory. We were in the middle for almost 2 hours enjoying, dancing and having fun – not aware of the outside world.

P.S: Wondering what took this blog to come after 3 weeks of Navaratri festival? The Photos!!! Hey NO – we used digital camera but ((Yeah we can afford that ;))- you see - I was too busy to download the same ;o)

......... Thats we all after enjoying for 2 hours ........

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arshat.chaudhary said...

I actually like gujjus.. they r colourful, flamboyant ppl.. I havent got a chance to play dandiya though.. I really wud like to go once, seems like fun reading this post..