Friday, October 3, 2008

Lesson learned a beautiful way…..

Just like any other day – I shrugged off the voice in my skull and slowly (but steadily) departed the pleasure of home sweet home to go and spend 8 boring hours in office writing blogs, checking emails, forwarding jokes, chatting, meeting friends and making plans for weekends and get-togethers… and sometime (this happens once in a blue moon Literally – touch wood) work – Yaaawn!!!

Walking (read sleeping) in my own thoughts - I woke up just for a moment to find an empty auto - err an auto with a driver (Yeah! I don’t drive an auto) to drop me till office. The vehicle just started to take my sleepy body from one place to another when just out of no-where an shabby old lady came and enquired in eloquent English “I heard you are going to this place can I please join you?”. Well!! Giving a 2nd thought (just because she spoke such a good engrezi - broken slippers, worn out sari, torn handbag – hope this defines shabby and I am not exaggerating) - “Sure mam please hop in.”

OK! so now we are 3 of us in the auto and one of them doing the talking - no gifts for guessing who – Yaaaawn!!! She started with her kids - who are not studying well and the cost of their studies. The bike which her daughter has demanded a few days back. The computer course which will cost a bomb but she is allowing her son to go ahead with. The cost of living and Bangalore in general. I was half sleeping (Yaaaawn!!) half listening (Nodding!!). All the above conversation was in English – I believe she was trying to give me complex – but Nope I am the best... you wont succeed in your tricks.

Soon or not so soon (Yaaawn!!)– we reached my office and she took out 3 crisp 10 Rupee notes and told “This is my share” of course I work in IT and I earn a peanuts – I denied – her last prompt English words were “Please keep it beta – I work as accounts assistant in the GPO and earn 40 thousand a month!!” all of the sudden I completely got up from my sleep (as if someone just poured a bucket of water on my head) my entire attitude towards her changed and I felt quite ashamed of myself. I gave her a second look and before I could say anything she disappeared in the crowd.

Looking back I feel that pang of guilt and see a wrinkled smiley face.


debasish.. said...

oh...I can imagine wat u must hav felt!

and .. " 8 boring hours in office writing blogs, checking emails, forwarding jokes, chatting, meeting friends and making plans for weekends and get-to-gathers…"

WoooWWooW !!
did u say IT-job ;)

Anonymous said...

lol... talk about appearances being decieving... the word bungalore. i LOVE

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

lesson well learnt then! appearances can be deceptive eh?? :)

d gypsy! said...

my gawd...


arshat.chaudhary said...

wow.. i was going thru ur blog, i like your istyle!
Btw, was she going to the GPO dressed like tht? and hw did she knw where u were going? Do i ask a lotta ques? :P

happyz said...

*Debashish - yeah i mentioned IT and also 8 boring hours ;)

*Naija - u bet "Bungal+Ore" ;)

*Rahul - Thanks!!

*Gypsy - My Gawd too ;)

*Arshat - Well!! i cant say 100% she went to GPO or not .. u see i didnt follow her :P .. and she did justify how she knew where I were going (she overheard me)

Yesss u seems to be asking too many questions..... But I am not complaining...