Monday, August 4, 2008

Joke - u drink?

I went to a pub for the 1st time in Bangalore … (Feels pathetic to think I have become so homely for past two years, since I shifted from Mumbai)!! I Wanted to tell this to my friends in Mumbai, was very excited our conversation started..

Heres a piece of one of the conversations....

Me: hey I went to 'Hint' pub yesterday evening it was fun.

She: U drink?

Me: yeah …occasionally... y?

She: arrey how should I know why U drink?

Both of us were Lolzz.... Hope the readers got the joke ;)


C R D said...

i had to read thru the post thrice to get the joke :P

Scribblers Inc said...

ha ha!!nice!:)

Scribblers Inc.

happyz said...

c r d : thanks for the comments...
hmm 3 attempts - not bad!!

am sure many of them will be still wondering wheres the joke in this...

Scribblers inc : thanks for the comments..