Monday, February 11, 2008

Hubbies food habits!!!

My dear Hubby is very fussy about food.

I decided to give cornflakes to him for breakfast (hope you guys noted ‘I Decided’ ;o)).

I enquired if he will like to dry fruits added to it. He agreed on a term that raisin will not be added.

So that was it…

He started his breakfast adding Cornflakes and dry fruits to milk. As soon as he took first bite of cashew he said, “Shee…. This has taste / smell of raisins”. Now obviously I had kept everything together, but that does not mean one dry fruit will taste like another.

So, he kept eating his breakfast and in the end I saw all the cashew and almonds left in the bowl. He said “Where do I throw these” and Spat came my reply “In Your Mouth”.

P.S: food that i prepare is rated based on 3 points
How it looks?
How does it smell?
how does it tastes....

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