Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Didis Bangalore Trip- Innovative film city-Bandipur-Wonder la-Lumbini Gardens

A week with my sister and kids
(Desperate to meet them) Sunday 18th May 2008 – they were supposed to reach by 9am… so by the time it was 8.55, I was running to the window and checking at every sound of vehicle.

Finally they reached at around 10.30, was so glad to see them…

The Itennary for their visit was ready and well planned by me. He he…. Yes I do have work @ office but still you always get some time out….

Everything in Bold-italics is what was on the Itennary and everything below it was what we actually did…

Sunday 18th may 2008 – Lumbini Gardens - Near Hebbal Flyover - Nagwara Lake Ring Road , Hebbal Kempapura , Bangalore- 560045 - 080 65679037 , 080 32997009 9343444646
Didn’t know what to expect out of this… it’s a place to spend an evening with your loved ones…. You can go for boating or you can let the children enter the play area and enjoy your time out. The main attraction out here is the water park… so get ready with your swim suit. We didn’t know about this and did not carry our swim costumes. I and sister pledged that for the entire remaining site seeing tour we are going to carry it along.

Monday 19th May 2008 – Innovative Film city (Bidadi) - - Bidadi This is a new place… opened on 15th April 2008. Few km ahead of Wonder La!! When going from Bangalore
Yeah I took an off for this one… reached there by cab (don’t know any other way to reach this place). We were amazed just to see the huge beautifully designed entrance. The 50Rs ticket did not hurt much to visit this place with marvelous looks. We were really excited to enter such a clean and beautifully architectures, it seemed like a foreign tourist place. We checked the mirror maze, Dino world, Cartoon city, golf course, Ripley’s, believe it or not!! And the 4D movie. All of which was amazing in its own way… The kids surely got scared in Dino world and 4D movie show. There was more to visit like – go karting, madam Tsussads, fossil museum, but we decided not to check them… for kids were all excited to go to Aqua world…. This is like a private Goa beach resort… amazingly designed… A very stirring and worthwhile break from office, to be with the kids and family.

Tuesday 20th may 2008 – Rest
Well!! That was the plan so that Didi and kids can relax… but my Didi and rest… that too on a vacation? That too in a new city??? No Ways!! She went to meet a friend and went shopping… huff … I never understand the fun in spending…. And that too with kids on a bright sunny day…. Noah... That’s not my types

Wednesday 21st may 2008 – Wonder la!!!
No, before you jump… I still have my job and I did not take leave for this one…. Didi went with kids, her friend and friends kids. Worst thing was, on a mid week day it was fully crowded so much so even after reaching there @ 10.50 am (it opens at 11am) they got the entry only @ noon. But the reliever was they had discount card for 20% ;) now that’s a secret how I got… but I can use it for every visit :D … here the camera didn’t work and so no pictures… but am sure they took lot of memories along.

Thursday 22nd may 2008 – Rest
Strictly asked them to take rest and don’t step out of house… but still didi will be didi, she prepared desi ghee Ladoos and it was awesome (and I am not cribbing :)) ….

Friday 23rd may 2008 – 5am Bandipur – Tusker Trail (We can take any ooty bus from Bangalore and get off Bandipur police check post gate. There’s pickup and drop. – ooty busses are available every 45 mins)
Yes... I had planned a bus journey to save some money ;) … already spent 7k in booking Tusker trails wanted to save some money…. But ultimately ended up booking a cab for 2 days :D. With kids and all it isn’t possible to go by bus on a 7 hours journey… that too you are not sure about the busses. So we took the safe bet… Started around 6.30am from Bangalore… with just one half an hour break for Breakfast we reached the resort by 11.30am.

The place was just awesome… in a jungle like environment in midst of some tribal village… the silence there was ear piercing. We jumped in the pool as soon as we dumped our baggages in the rooms (named Godavari), after about 1-1.30 hours in the pool we were hungry… just took showers and hogged on the food... which was delicious. Relaxed for half an hour and our 1st safari ride started @ 4pm. Met Elephants, Peacock, deer’s and a leopard. Back by 6.30pm we were served by Tea and biscuits which was followed by recreation time… caroms, TT and a small wildlife movie.

It was already 10pm and we were off to bed so that we can enjoy the morning safari.

Saturday 24May 2008 - 1pm onwards Bandipur return (to reach home before 7pm)
Morning 5.30 we got a wake up call and were all geared up by 6am for the Gipsy safari. I believe luck was with us, we got 2 wildlife photographers in our Gipsy who helped us note a few rare birds too (else we were just excited to see animals and birds that can walk on ground). Saw Cheetal, Deer, Elephants (with kid elephants), Eagle, Blue Jay, Drongo, peacock (dancing with its wing open), Langoor, Indian Roller, Mongoose and Tigers paw marks :D…. I was awestruck to see these beauties in their environment.

Not to mention the two photographers took several pictures of my niece and it was amazing to see her giving poses for the pictures… she is just 3 years old.

We left the kids in the resort and went for trekking which was amazing too… on the way saw wild buffaloes, peaHen and a dead skelleton of a cow. I also collected Eagle and Blue Jay bird’s wings…

Yeah!! It was time to pack up and leave…

Great environment, great food, 2 good safaris, a small trek near dam and tribal village, a swimming pool and a relaxing time in midst of nature… what else can you ask for… ? Time just flew past by… Down the road I definitely look forward to visit more forests and jungles
Sunday 25th may 2008 – Rest (8.10pm was her return train to Mumbai)
Just grabbed a few things on my sisters list to take back to Mumbai from local market… rest of the day were at home enjoying time with my nieces…

The best time with family I had had in long time. And the icing over the cake was that I and my sis did not fight on a singe thing this time… I almost cried seeing the train chugging away with the kids and didi.