Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Secret Admirer!!! ;o)

Yeah I just celebrated my birthday in a never to forget way…. Though a little belated types, but I wouldn’t mind many many such birthdays.

What else will you ask for, if you keep getting flowers (Red roses) and are showered with gifts for 2 days consecutive days by your secret admirer?

My birthday landed in one of those Christmas vacation, which we got for the 1st time in my professional life… yeah no one in our office could believe that we have got a Christmas vacation (but details on that in some other blog) … coming back to my bday.

So it happened that exactly one week after my birthday when I entered office there was a bouquet of red roses waiting for me at the reception. Not wanting to make any scene at the office reception, I just took the bouquet and the card with it to my desk. Once at my desk, opened the card in great anticipation, and read through a very romantic poem with my name on top…. The sender (not mentioning his name) referring me Umraojaan and himself Shahjaan. I was completely amazed and happy and surprised and angry at the same time. Well yes angry because of two reasons one - I am happily married to the person I love and two - I wish I had received this a few years back to have some choices in love ;-). So I buzzed my friends and told them such n such thing has happened… within a minute all 4 of my friends were buzzing near me teasing and guiding me to take things cool and just enjoy the moment. Not convinced by my friends advice I called my dear hubby – he too told me just enjoy don’t be tensed. Now that I got permission from my hubby I started enjoying the moment, neatly kept the flowers @ my desk and kept answering all the queries from inquisitive people in office.

The lunch was full of discussion about this secret admirer (Mr Shahjahan) who could this guy be? I felt like every pair of eyes in office was following me and are either jealous or admiring my beauty (well, after getting red roses from secret admirer you start feeling you are more beautiful) , ok so after about 1 hour of discussion lunch was over and we moved back to our cubicles, and LO!!! There are other two gifts waiting for me at the reception, now this time I was a little worried and enquired who gave these; some guy named sanjay has left that for ME. Not knowing what to do – I took it to my desk (this time the whole gang of friends were buzzing around me and bugging me to open the gift boxes). Now that I was enjoying the moments, I was very happy and with my heart pounding (I was expecting the name of the admirer inside the gifts) I opened the two gifts to find a cute showpiece and a box of sweets…. I was tooo happy to see what was there and even felt completely flattered by this secret admirer. Now thinking too hard who could be this secret admirer…

Thats ME :) with my gifts !!!!

Although I kept waiting for another gift/ hint to find who this Shahajahan could be, no more gifts came and I decided to take everything home to show my hubby that he has a big competitor now :o) But its really really tough to see him getting jealous, there was hardly any reaction, just after the love poem there was a brief smile with a “huh”. I was verrry disappointed and really wished my secret admirer should be a very handsome guy ;-D

Being a Friday the next two days I had to just wait and keep guessing who is this secret admirer. Well yes I tried to keep the roses alive (sadiyal roses diye thay yaar) and kept the gift right in front of table for everyone (specially hubby) to see it and be jealous. The weekend just passed by, since there was no worried/jealous reactions from hubby I would have forgotten about my secret admirer unless my friends kept enquiring about the secret admirer by sms. Nope there was no news of who my secret admirer was.

Then came Monday and I announced (while getting ready for office) “Now that I have a secret admirer in my office I better dress up well and go ;o)” but still no reaction from dear hubby… I believe he has taken me for granted :o( I really really wished this secret admirer of my should atleast have killing looks ;o)

On reaching office it was just another Monday day, until just after lunch I got another gift parcel. I just couldn’t believe. There was this love note attached to it, reading which I got damn angry, worried and somewhere deep in my heart I was happy ;o). the whole gang of friend was with me and guiding me to complain to the HR after office hours and speaking to the office boy and security etc etc. My hubby too advised me to speak to the HR. so most of the day then passed by chatting (with the group) discussing what should be done, and as we all decided that we will go to the parking lot and open the gift there @ 5pm (as if we were on a big mission), we were in the parking area trying to open the gift (it was very nicely packed this time with lots of silo tape) finally on opening what I found was there was a small computer keyboard, I was completely disappointed (I had expected another cute gift ;o) ) anyways not revealing my disappointment I was looking for some code to decipher (love messages ;o) ) from this secret admirer (Yeah I should stop reading detective novels) but I just couldn’t understand why my friends were so excited and just snatched the keyboard from my hands.

They said now that we are here lets take a walk (as if we were in a museum or garden huh) anyways I was too worried to think and just followed the gang. Just then I saw a chocolate cake a BIG gift and a card kept on one of my friend’s bike…. NOOOOO ways….. Now I knew who this secret admirer(s) are… I was completely disappointed but soooooo happy and relieved that I have such wonderful friends. I shouted loudly out of relief and just couldn’t control my happiness.

I took my sweet time to cut the cake and there was pin drop silence for the next 10 minutes and the cake to dissapear (accept the little which was smeared on my face) :o). I was the proud bakra of the day(s) and crowned Bakra No.1. The card read “It’s your Bday…. We understand your pain” :o) sucha sweet pain… the only pain was my hopes of finding a smart secret admirer being shattered in front of my eyes and I had no options but to ENJOY……

Thats us having a party after all this fun!!! CHEERS!!!

Keep smiling – you never know who is falling in love with you ;o)


arshat.chaudhary said...

Thats such a cute post!! I first thought it must be hubby's plan.. But then it got even better!
You got a great set of friends
And yes, Wish you a belated happy birthday :)

comfortably numb said...

even i thot it must hv ben ur hubby
gr8 frnds u hv

Anonymous said...

I am really glad to see such an elaborate description of the B-day (okie it is the short of Bakra Day)... May many get inspiration... :D

Well.. wish u have many such birthdays... where each birthday turns into a bakra day... :D and all your admirers get a DILDAAR treat ...
- One of your admirers ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey the description is too good....but feel sorry for u not finding that Smart and killing looks wala admirer..... :( Better luck next time

Wishing u many many such Happy Bakra..Oops Bdays to come

Sweet Preety

Ekta said...

thats so sweet..indeed u have grt frds!

workhard said...

Thats such a cute post..:)

Work from home

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Deepika said...

hi bhavana..
why no updated after 2009?

happyz said...

Your comment made me visit my blog almost after a year. I have been busy with my company Started this venture 2009 February and since then no time for blogs. ;)