Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kids always have answers!!

My Niece is giving one of her 1st interview to get ahead in this race of life (school admission). We kept repeating ABCD… 1234… Jonny Jonny, Bits of paper etc… and along with it we all had promised her chocolates if she gave the answers!!!

Here’s a small part of her interviews with teacher in school!!!

Teacher Pointing at the drawing of Sun she asked) what is this Unnati?


This is Sun!! Ok, what color is the sun?


(Now Smiling) have you seen Pink color Sun? The Sun is Yellow in color!! Color this…. And the interview continued

@ Home we all were discussing the interview when my hubby asked her

What color is the Sun @ night?

“Black!!!” (We all were LOL!!!) No wonder she got the admission!!!


arshat.chaudhary said...

aw, cute..
btw, whts bits of pieces? a nursery rhyme.. I havent heard of it.. Does that mean I m not even sharper than a first grader.. darn! :P

debasish.. said...

I must say....ur Neice is smart :D

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workhard said...


That is so funny!!!!!

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