Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sharing my first (Actual) experience……. biking ;)

Until yesterday I could drive for about 10 meters – “only on empty roads”… and listening to all the incidents which happened in those various 10 meter rides, my friends (huh!! should I say enemies) set an unsaid rule – do NOT ever give your bike keys to her….

Everything changed yesterday when I actually got hands on one of my friend's bike (I had to bribe her with her favorite chocolate :D for this golden opportunity) - And belime, I was on the main road with the moving traffic on both sides of my bike … Hey hey before you conclude, my bike too was moving, ok!!

So before we started I had to wear this big gadget on my head – the helmet. Damn it!! I have never worn this thing in my earlier 10 meter rides. But after wearing it my head became heavier by half a kg which gave me a feeling “I have more data inside my head” - which also made me believe "I am smarter now and gave me confidence."

Ok – what next??? How do I unlock this bike handle??? Finally after playing Twist and turn with the keys for a while, I could get the handle unlocked. Next I galloped and pushed the start button and Lo!! The bike actually started. I was so much excited and exhilarated at the moment...

I was dying to just roar away with the bike… But this friend of mine won’t sit behind until she sees the demo!! I felt like shouting at her SIT DOWN – but I curbed my feelings and gave her a small 10 meter demo (which I have always been expert in :D).

Finally the excursion started, I could feel my heart pulsating. I accelerated a little and in no time the bike touched the main road and before I could race it further, I had to apply the breaks to avoid it touching the Honda city :o( but its ok!! That didn’t make me give up. I accelerated once again and “yeah hey” I was moving with the traffic. The remaining journey of about 5 km was almost as smooth as butter, only with one or two close shaves with the other vehicles who were not giving me enough space to move ;-)…

At the end of it all - when I had parked the bike carefully from where we started. My friend said it was good ride you can learn it quickly. And I jumped “Hooray!!” It seemed like someone has actually awarded me with a bravery medal!!


debasish.. said...

Hey Congrats !

Ur sure one one BRAVE gal :D

jacker said...

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