Monday, October 22, 2007

Joke - Follow Us.

While going to picnic we were 9 of us distributed in two vehicals.

I was in the one which was behind in the race.

Our friend driving the first car didnt know the way properly, So we called him on mobile and asked him to go slow and follow us (drive behind us)...

One of the friend in our car commented "Follow doesnt mean take a U Turn and come behind us" :)

we all were LOL!!

1 comment:

JIGNESH said...

hey thrz smethng tht i cud read b/w lines and cud learn frm it ... ppl whoever alwyz wnt 2 lead ..!! but as ur joke says - following does not mean we got 2 tke u-turn n cme behind u.. u got to show da wrld by goin ahed n thn ppl will knw y to follow U ...