Monday, August 20, 2007

Practicle jokes @ Home Sweet Home

Its his bday tomorrow ..... so as usual he asked as he does one day before this day every year
Hubby - hey what bday gift are you giving me tomorrow.
me - I am planning to murder you so that we both have a great bday gift.
Hubby - hmm, great, but please dont kill me with a knife or dont even strangle me please..... just add poison in whatever you cook tonight,
as it is your food tastes like poison.

2. Hubby always goes to sleep when we are watching some movie of my choice @ home

me - you have never seen one complete movie of my choice with me @ home
Hubby - Ofcourse we have seen Dhoom -2 the other day
me - hmm, No ways i remember you went to sleep before itself.
Hubby - No ways we saw it till the end.
me - ok just tell me what was the last sceen.
Hubby - hmm, of course there were Names coming from bottom of the screen and scrolling up.

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